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Letters to the Editor for October 16, 2019

Residents see no tangible benefits of Waste Management billing increases

I finally received my first full billing period for Waste Management and I was surprised to see a price increase for the period. It went up from $47.19 to $52.77, an increase of $5.58 for my billing period. I remember when their contract was ended and it went out for bid. The article in the paper said Waste Management was awarded the new contract and Waste Management indicated our delivery service would be a little cheaper with better service under the new city contract. My billing went up and not down as this article indicated.

My service day changed and they now come later in the late afternoon and no longer in the morning. All I see is new Waste Management trucks driving around and all residents received new trash cans. There was nothing wrong with the old cans. The older truck system on my route had two employees per truck and this new setup only has one, so Waste Management is saving a bundle on salaries and benefits, so why the increase in charges?

I think we as residents are getting ripped off and no one seems to care. We are indirectly paying for all these new trucks and trash cans with this monthly increase.

Ronald Feldstein

Carson City

Wake up and see things this way

The Founding Fathers had hoped that there would be no political parties – an unfulfilled desire. Today, we have people supporting ideas because their party promulgates it.

The Founding Fathers also borrowed one of the greatest ideas from the Iroquois Confederacy – the checks and balances of three branches of government. Today, the Legislative Branch has wrongfully given up too much of its authority to the Executive Branch, and such delegation is a) in itself un-Constitutional, and b) being abused by the current and other administrations.

I used to be a Republican a long time ago, coming from a farm family, a Democrat, and a Libertarian – removing myself from all because they all have a group of ideas that are self contradictory. Fortunately, my farm family has divorced itself from the Republican Party as Trump: a) is destroying the very people who feed us by his tariffs, b) gives tax giveaways to the top 1% which has exacerbated our national debt, c) has provided national security secrets to our enemies, d) insulted the best friends of the U.S., e) has allowed our allies to be murdered by the Turks, f) is attempting to destroy Medicare which all of our parents and ourselves have been paying into for years, and g) made the world know that we have a narcissistic, selfish, psychologically disturbed sociopath as our leader.

When my now-deceased wife was transferred to this area, it didn’t take long for us to see that people here don’t really think. Forget the Founding Fathers, locals are in a trance induced by a political party. Stop falling for the line of Democrats or Republicans. Be independent and think for yourself. Call out all politicians who would do us harm, and right now the biggest harm to the security of the U.S. is Trump. I’m sure that some trance-induced local will submit a reply encumbered with lies – Trump taught them how to lie.

Wolfgang Nordmeyer

Carson City

Let’s make lots of changes

Witch caught. Hunt over. Impeach. Remove. SDNY. Indict. Convict. Incarcerate. Take his passport before he flees to a country will not extradite.

Engage the services of SERVPRO to make the White House smell new again. Disinfect. Fumigate, and thoroughly wipe out the stains and stench left behind by the Soiler-in-Chief. Hopefully they can live up to their corporate motto, “It’s like it never happened.”

Swear in God Squad Pence. Immediately launch an investigation on his sorry and lying backside. The House of Representatives should then use the powers of Inherent Contempt of Congress. Use that power to forcibly make all the subpoena ducking, lawless cowards, lowlife grifters, who’ve been spitting on our country and our Constitution, to testify under oath, in public, no privilege. When you turn your back on your fellow Americans, engage with foreigners to violate our elections, you need to pay a price.

Clean them all out. Force McConnell to bring up election security laws on the Senate floor that the Democrats have passed. Overturn Citizens United. Money does not equal people. And let’s have fair and honest elections from now on. Hey, Republicans, are you listening? Or do you always have to cheat, suppress votes, screw with voter rolls. Be an American for Christ’s sake, and not some lackey for a soulless and immoral idiot.

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City