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Letters to the Editor for October 17, 2020

Nevada should look into score voting

A great movement has started in the nation, and out of sheer vanity and pride in my home state, I would like Nevada to be at its forefront. 

No one could miss, during these troubled times, the governmental gridlock, mud-slinging from both parties and candidates, and, in short, our inability to address the significant problems our nation faces, such as immigration, climate, and health care. Lobbyists trump voters, and legislators argue and scheme as the ship of state sinks.

Score voting (every voter scores every candidate, high score wins) is our salvation. Score voting drives political platforms to the center so that representatives work together and place voters over lobbyists, and gerrymandering ends because it starts to hurt the politicians themselves. Score voting provides maximum power to the voter, ensures we have too many good candidates on the ballot instead of too few, and that the winner is the candidate most desired by the voters, every time.

This nationwide effort can be reached, joined, and researched at https://scorevoting.swarmage.net. The first state to adopt score voting will go down in history as leading the way into the next age of Democracy, the same as the United States did when it became the first nation to implement a federal constitutional republic. I desperately want that honor to be ours, and I encourage all of your readers to find hope for our future in score voting and help Nevada lead the way out of our present darkness. Always Battle Born!

Tedman Getschman

Carson City

Unauthorized militias need to be stopped

In response to Laura Hale’s letter of September 30, there is no question about the First Amendment of our Constitution granting, “the right of the people peacefully to assemble”. The questions are, what do you do when a peaceful assembly becomes unlawful with the destruction of public and private properties? What do you do when elected officials, both local and state, do nothing to curb the violence?

The Second Amendment states, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. Many of the peaceful protests that have occurred have, unfortunately, become violent and resulting in the destruction of properties, looting, arson and injuries to individuals. I feel many of the citizens of Douglas County, fearful of the fates of some communities involved in these “peaceful” protests, took up arms in order to ensure the safety of their community.

The big question is, when will the organizers of the peaceful protest take the actions necessary to ensure they remain peaceful?

Additionally, in regards to the emoluments, I feel the lady should check into the net worth of Trump, the Clinton’s, the Clinton Foundation, the Obama’s and the Biden’s. The Trump fortunes were made in the private sector prior to serving the citizens of this country. The fortunes of all the others were made while serving, or having served, in the public sector for the citizens of our country.

Sanford Deyo


Joy is a new voice for school board

Vote for a new person — Joy Trushenski — CC School Board Trustee Dist. 7 Why? Remember when a new person joined your work group? She usually brought new ideas, energy, and no bias to her new job. New candidates deserve a 2nd look!

 I have known Joy Trushenski for 23 years, having worked with her while a state worker. She is running because she strongly believes in a good education; noting the many faults of common core, which was hastily accepted by Nevada to receive federal funds. She writes: “In 2010, Nv. State Board of Education approved Common Core with no attempt to get feedback from teachers, parents, or the public.” Now, Nevada ranks 50 out of 50 states.

Many voters, unsure of candidates, vote for a woman due to less women running for office, or they vote for the incumbent, or a name that they recognize. But a new person deserves one’s vote since we do not have term limits, which can keep incompetent people in office for years.  Although Joy has not been a teacher, her education and work experience are more than adequate, and as a Navy Vet she hopes to serve her country again on a local level. Please check her Facebook page for more. 

Debbie Cutshaw