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Letters to the Editor for October 28, 2020

Envy and greed

Tax the rich is a refrain we have all heard before. Yet it never works out quite as planned. So, who are the rich? The middleclass are rich compared to the poor. So, my friends, it seems are you the “evil rich.”

The 16th Amendment authorizing the federal income tax was enacted with the promise to tax the “rich” and only the top earners would pay. In 1914, 96% of Americans families paid zero income tax. Yet today most Americans work until April to pay their taxes. How did this happen? The human frailties of envy and greed are to blame. Something for nothing is the siren’s call of socialism and con men. Yet nothing in this world is free. Somebody always pays. It’s only a question of who.

So, when you hear promises of free stuff hold on to your wallet. It’s the middle class who pays the fare. The poor have no money and all the wealth of the ultra rich wouldn’t fund the government for a month. Trump’s tax cuts spurred economic growth, prosperity and increased revenue.

The left dissatisfied with the inequities of society would return us to the economic stagnation, crippling taxes, over regulation and despair of the Obama years. When we run out of other people’s money, what then? Venezuela is just the latest example of socialism’s bitter harvest and moral turpitude.

Mike Rodgick

Carson City

No return policy

Just a few observations: Joe Biden will be 78 next month. Ronald Reagan was 78 in the last year of a two-term presidency. If the Biden/Harris ticket is elected we will become very familiar with the word mandate. Regardless of the campaign rhetoric the working person will experience a tax increase by 2022 under a Biden presidency. And finally, for those who voted for Biden/Harris the election office does not have a return policy.

David Neely


Biden will raise taxes

One: Biden states he will only raise taxes on those making more than $400,000 per year and he will repeal the Trump tax cut. So what will this repeal do to those making less than $400,000 per year? It will raise their taxes also (i.e. 28% tax rate reduced to 21% by Trump, then raised back to 28%).

Two: Biden states he did not ever receive money from China or Ukraine, true probably, but I would presume he received a check from Hunter?

D. Gerald Bing