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Letters to the Editor for October 5, 2019

Hope for citizens to vote at next election

Reading now a novel by Alice Walker, I came across this paragraph, which I think is very fitting, for our country’s situation right now:

“President nuts. Can’t they see anything? Elect a madman. What do you get? Madness!”

Praying for our country and that all will be getting out to vote and voice our opinions.

Neda Cancaro

Carson City

Health inspection grades are participation trophy

This new way of inspecting restaurants with this pass or fail and put a green card in the window is absurd. Thank you Board of Supervisors for this moronic way of keeping our restaurants clean. Seems every restaurant since this new way of inspecting has received A’s. I just read a casino downtown had five paragraphs of violations and still got an A.

One of the paragraphs read and I quote, “Floors, walls, and/or ceilings are dirty. Observed the facility in need of an improved cleaning schedule to prevent food debris buildup.” Can you spell gross? Makes me eat at home more often and not in restaurants in Carson City. Just give them all a participation trophy and a pizza party, and get rid of using a health inspector. What’s the incentive to take pride in cleaning your restaurant if it’s really not necessary?

Sunni Enciso

Carson City

Warren would be good choice for president

I was first impressed with Elizabeth Warren in 2004, when I listened to her on PBS predicting the housing crisis of 2008. She first became a speech pathologist, then went on a year later to study to become an attorney. She became the queen of bankruptcy law, and an instructor at university level.

She worked alongside President Obama with home modification programs to assist homeowners in keeping their homes during the housing crisis. She also went after payday loan companies to lower their interest rates.

She has worked extremely hard all her life, meanwhile being married and raising a family. She is a fighter for the poor and middle class, and has had to work hard to get to where she is in life today.

Now a senator of Massachusetts, she would be an intelligent choice for the first woman president of the United States. And she is proud to have Native American roots. She is an inspiration to all we women. I cannot say enough good attributes about her.

Annie Burke

Carson City