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Letters to the editor for Saturday, April 16, 2016

Getting it right

In Past Pages on Friday, April 8, Trent Dolan referred to Charles “Springmeyer” as a candidate for governor 50 years ago. Actually, it was former Attorney General and subsequent Nevada Supreme Court Justice Charles Springer.

Bob Grayson

Carson City

Editor’s note: Content from Past Pages appears as it did in the Appeal in its original form.

Government officials compromise integrity

Mark Amodei states that there is no leadership in Washington, D.C. Wasn’t he voted into office to be a leader?

Brian Sandoval and his band of “no new taxes” cohorts reversed their pledges and told the 80 percent of voters that their vote didn’t count. Since their pockets are now lined with the education lobbyists’ money, maybe one or some of them could purchase a digital microscope for teacher Jill De Pasquale (Riverview Elementary School in Dayton).

Locally, it seems water is a big concern. First words out of the mouths of the populace in power is to raise taxes (fees, rates). Try diverting some funds from the downtown project.

Shirley Conroy

Carson City