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Letters to the editor for Saturday, April 23, 2016

Downtown project a waste of taxpayer money

The downtown “vanity” project is a shortsighted insult to the taxpayers of Carson City. I am all for progress, but change for change sake is a waste. There are areas of this city that clearly need our tax dollars more urgently, such as the sewage treatment plant that clearly should have been updated years ago and is now going to cost $30 million to make it right (remember the explosion?).

Many city streets and sidewalks have not been properly maintained to standards in residential neighborhoods. There are also dangerous, abandoned buildings that lower property values. With all the improvement downtown, how about the Ormsby House white elephant debacle?

Any discussion of these issues to the mayor and Board of Supervisors seem to fall on deaf ears. There is an election coming up …

Renee Schrynemakers

Carson City

Third terms are too much

The saying “drunk with power” has great relevance to our mayoral election right here in our fair city.

I believe that when somebody has been in elective office too long, it can lead to the belief that only he can see a project through to the end. Maybe a new set of eyes can enhance or even make changes to improve the project or even downsize it! With each term in office, more and more power is amassed and soon it gets harder and harder to step down from office.

Power is intoxicating to the point where more power is never enough. This can lead to where the power itself can be corrupting! Running for a third term is overkill and dangerous! Time to turn over the reins to another somebody else.

Alicia Kittess

Carson City