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Letters to the Editor for Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017

Farmer’s slant on Trump not rooted in facts

Guy Farmer’s Dec. 10 editorial “Difficult to Write About Mercurial Trump” reminded me of Farmer’s nonstop Obama campaign propaganda columns back in 2008.

Farmer seems to think Special Prosecutor Mueller is about to toss Trump out of office, when in truth the political jihad is falling apart. Mueller’s senior FBI Trump investigator Peter Strzok was just demoted when his anti-Trump texts to his mistress, FBI senior council Lisa Page, were discovered. In addition to adding to the body count of Democrats with a sex problem, the demotion got FBI general council Andrew Weissmann tossed off the Trump probe. Judicial Watch just obtained and publicized Weissmann’s gushing email to former Assistant Attorney General Sally Yates praising her for refusing to execute Trump’s travel ban, which the Supreme Court just ruled perfectly legal.

Then there’s the matter of Mueller’s stonewalling a congressional investigation, refusing to hand over documents, refusing to make personnel available for hearings, and otherwise defying Congress’s attempts to perform its oversight duty. If everything’s on the up and up, what’s to hide?

I hate to break it to Farmer, but if Trump were to fire Mueller, only Farmer and a noisy handful of radical left ninnies will be calling down “Son of Watergate.” Normal people will continue to celebrate the most productive president we’ve ever had, whether making us safer in the world or rescuing our economy from the Obama depression.

Lynn Muzzy