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Letters to the editor for Saturday, Dec. 3, 2016

Be grateful Trump won

I am tired of hearing that Hillary received more popular votes than President-elect Trump. That’s the way it was set up in the Constitution.

She had the same opportunity to concentrate on the larger electoral states just like Trump did. Maybe she thought us “deplorable” (Hillary’s words) voters in the “working class states” weren’t worth her time.

Did you Hillary supporters ever stop to think that you owe us “deplorable” Trump supporters a thank you for saving you from four more years of Obama’s policies? Four more years of Obamacare, loose immigration enforcement, cronyism and corruption in the government, destruction of our Second Amendment and First Amendment rights, etc.

If you are a Hillary supporter, you can’t possibly be informed (or care) about the massive debt that has been rung up by the Obama administration. You will eventually, when you become a mature and responsible part of society. Maybe we “deplorables” are better informed than you Hillary supporters.

You have witnessed a new revolution in this country. One similar to the original “Revolution.” We informed citizens are tired of the decay in our elected officials. As an example, Harry Reid now wants to change the rules for the popular vote to pick the president instead of the electoral vote. He was also the one that manipulated the Senate filibuster rules to suit the Democratic Party years ago. That is one of the types of corruption that we have saved you from. Be grateful.

Don Gurney

Carson City