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Letters to the editor for Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016

Ways to lower Muzzy’s taxes

Once again, for the hundredth time, a letter from Lynn Muzzy concerning his dislike for taxes. I think it is time to find ways to lower Muzzy’s taxes.

May I suggest the following.

Skip garbage collection so that Muzzy may find his own way to his local garbage dump.

No future local construction upkeep of any street or road leading to the Muzzy home. This should be a good tax savings.

Let us not examine the purity of drinking water to his home. He can save some taxes similar (Flint Michigan) to a Republican governor from Michigan. If Muzzy wants even more savings, his water pipes could be ripped out altogether.

Go back to the original, “One room, school house” in Muzzy’s district so that he can greatly reduce his school taxes.

Due to brevity I will forsake dozens of more methods in which we can further save taxes for Muzzy.

Will we ever have a letter from Muzzy that can praise anything that taxes accomplish? I shudder to think of what our taxes would accomplish should Muzzy ever be in a position to collect our taxes.

Harold Zaroff


We don’t need a failed healthcare system

Anyone remember the pilgrims started a colony near what is now Plymouth in 1620? Anyone remember that the Mayflower Compact set up the pilgrims in communal work and living plan? Anyone remember they almost starved to death between 1620 and 1623? In April 1623 Gov. Bradford declared communal farming wasn’t working. He gave each pilgrim a plot of land. Suddenly, Plymouth Colony flourished when each family tended their fields employing individual effort. They never starved again.

Unknowingly, Gov. Bradford had introduced the pilgrims to the power of capitalism.

We don’t remember our history, so we are doomed to repeat it. In this presidential election cycle we have one candidate who wants universal health coverage and universal college — Bernie Sanders.

“Wall Street” is going to pay “their fair share” (90 percent). Clinton touts Obamacare but wants “single-payer coverage.” She fails to tell us how we’re supposed to pay for this failed healthcare system. Trump wants universal health care and uses Canada and Great Britain as his models. He forgets to mention in Britain women get treated for breast cancer based on their age. Younger women get better treatment, older women get APC tablets.

In Canada a friend of mine waited for 14 months for minor jaw surgery. He delayed his retirement because if he were a retiree instead of being fully employed, his wait would have been even longer.

Ron Landmann