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Letters to the editor for Saturday, July 19

Farmer has right take on immigration

Congratulations to Guy W. Farmer for his comments on July 13. I would like to add a few more comments. The White House orchestrated this fiasco almost a year ago, but it forgot to destroy the emails this time. The largest group coming across our border is made up of male teens and preteens, not babies. Not all are being properly checked for disease. A lot of the males are sporting gang tattoos. These teens and children are being reunited with their illegal parents or their relatives. We have no way of checking for criminal records, most do not carry IDs and they are not being finger printed. I think the reason that there is so little push from republicans is that many are receiving campaign contributions from pro amnesty groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove’s group and others. My best guess is that 75 percent will be here permanently.

Steven McGrath

Carson City

What if Golitath would have complained about David?

It is in the best interest of all Nevadans to look closely at the column by Chuck Muth in July 11’s Appeal. His description of the evolution of Dotty’s and the present assault by those folks who can’t compete serve as a great lesson. Innovation is a gift as is the reward that normally follows. That is unless those who can’t make it try to change the rules for their advantage. At such a point one must ask if the folks who make such laws comply — what causes them to do so? There is a cause involved within this. Unfortunately it is not always visible. It is better for all Nevadans if that cause/reason is out front for examination. It is your state. It is your obligation to see that it is managed properly, and that includes safeguarding those with innovative and well thought out plans which are beneficial to all who live here. Our country was built by folks like Craig Estey. Believe me it is our country and sitting back and letting big operations run the little guy out of the market place is not an option. Reminds me of what would happen if Goliath had complained that he took a hit from David.

John Diehl


Americans coming to their senses

It is somewhat heartening to see many Americans have come to their senses. A recent poll shows Barack Obama is considered the worst president in the last 50 years. Unfortunately, it’s too little too late as he still has over two years to abuse his power, lie to the American people, cover up his administration’s crimes and corruption, and spread disease, poverty and dependence via the recent spate of illegal alien border crossings. I know, I know; I can already sense his loyal minions, foaming at the mouth, fingers on the keyboard, ready to respond, “but Bush, but Bush, but Bush!” To quote the grumpy clown from an old Seinfeld episode, “You’re livin’ in the past, man.” The Supreme Court has already rebuked Obama actions multiple times, and more are sure to come. Apparently, the “Constitutional lawyer” occupying the White House doesn’t know very much about the Constitution. Those of us who saw him for what he was in 2008, uniquely unqualified and unprepared for the job, are now being joined by former supporters as the sad reality sets in. But don’t despair, according to Obama’s spokesman his actions have “substantially improved the tranquility of the global community.” Can’t you see and feel world peace washing over the planet? Finally, if you’re looking for a kernel of sanity in the Democrat party,we still have Harry “the border is secure” Reid representing us. Doesn’t that just give you the warm fuzzies?

Dan Cerda


Meth is a menace on society

I’ve heard of doing weird things, but allegedly using a turkey baster, that’s a new one. Once again, meth not only brought out the stupidity, but the bizarre creativity as well. Meth users are ever-devious people. Their brilliant plans usually go away the moment the drug kicks in and require the most drastic measures to correct. They are people with grandiose ideas and, because the rancorous drug pushes their thought process even faster, cannot figure out why their lives are so messed up. To them, the biggest problem is an empty bag, but every Dumpster is a treasure-trove, eating will destroy their high, and though most are not quite sure, but the police just might have everyone’s phone tapped. I’m not being condescending, I just know what I’m talking about. Many years ago, I was a meth user and drove my family absolutely crazy with unbelievable stories about name-calling young people following me around all the time. My lady friend even left me because she couldn’t take the uneasiness brought on from my extreme paranoia. I was a babbling train wreck. So, when I hear a story, like this recent one in Carson City, it sickens me to the point that I have to say something about meth use. This gives me just another reason to remain clean and sober today. It breaks my heart to hear about children, not only using, but being used and abused because of that awful drug. My heart goes out to that young girl.

Donald Paetz

Carson City

Hopefully medical marijuana doesn’t ruin our city

All in the name of medical science, Carson City is going to be the proud location of a couple of medical marijuana growth, process and refine distribution and research factories. I like the distribution part. A year ago, in Rio Vista, Calif., there was a corner liquor store. On welfare day all the folks who received their checks would show up to the liquor store and get them cashed, then, of course, celebrate.

Now, Carson City is going to have its own corner liquor store. I must not forget that the folks who patronize these two facilities will be medically cleared to do so, they will be less than healthy folks who are in need of a little weed. All kinds for people with medical aliments will come from far and wide to enjoy the clean atmosphere of our fine city.

Getting such an influx of people to our town will do nothing more than enhance and expand a wonderful cross section and diversity of our population. I can hardly wait for the first factory and research center to be built. Do I sound like I am having some fun with a little satire and cynicism? Well, I am, I have seen what the medical marijuana program turned out to be over in California and it is a farce. No doubt there’s real need, medically speaking, marijuana can fill but it’s the phony garbage that turns it into a joke. I believe this program is going to be blight on Carson City, just my opinion.

Mike Woodman

Carson City