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Letters to the editor for Saturday, July 21, 2018

Treasonous Trump

According to Merriam-Webster, the most searched word on the Internet after the Trump-Putin summit was “treason.”

Definition: “The offense of attempting to overthrow the government of one’s country or of assisting its enemies in war; specifically: the act of levying war against the United States OR GIVING AID AND COMFORT TO ITS ENEMIES BY ONE WHO OWES IT ALLEGIANCE.”

An omen, perhaps?

John O’Neill


Country in need of change

It seems to me that we’re no better off than those in foreign countries. The only difference is we have freedom … is this next to go?

You look at the politicians and president — what have they really done? They can’t even decide on health care. Change Obamacare and don’t put any stupid stipulations on it. I don’t know who the idiot is who thought of preexisting health conditions and making 50 and over pay more. Really? You would punish these people?

And as for Planned Parenthood, make it for health care and eliminate abortion. That should never happen. I realize women have the right, it’s their body, but disregarding human life, I don’t care what they say, it’s a human life and it should have some respect.

What happened to having humanity? Are they so money hungry as long as they’re making the money forget about everybody else? That’s so sad. Weren’t they taught to help your fellow man?

Sometimes I feel like not voting. The candidates are too busy backstabbing one another. I don’t care, I care what changes they’re going to make and if they uphold their promises.

Ruth Berg

Carson City

The golden calves of cultural communism

Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh has cultural Marxists braying fatuously in defense of their golden calves: abortion, guns and Obamacare.

Every female’s reproductive authority (not right!) ends the moment she agrees to intercourse. Claiming innocence for ramifications (pregnancy) of her bad decision warrants destroying new life by abortion is selfish and patently iniquitous. Abortion is murder.

John Lott’s book, “More Guns, Less Crime,” proves categorically the truth of the title. Being armed is also an instruction for those reading Luke 22:36. If we Americans are safer when armed, who then wants us disarmed? Government slave masters.

The euphuism of Obamacare (mandated “health” insurance) is actually redistribution of wealth for purposes of destroying what remains of the middle class; a major goal of Marxism.

The golden calf of “abortion” on demand is premeditated murder.

The golden calf of “gun control” is precursor to overt totalitarianism.

The golden calf of “Obamacare” is government mandated control of our personal health.

In short, cultural communism.

Leonard R. Schmidt

Carson City

The taste of crow

“They” say you can see the Great Wall of China from outer space. Lately, satellites have been picking up a wide, fluorescent yellow stripe on the back of one Donald J. Trump whenever he enters or exits the White House. Strange phenomenon. The National Enquirer has someone on it.

So … Freddy babe, the Muzzy man, Knighton and the rest, how’s that crow tasting right about now? Need a little salt and pepper. Maybe some Cholula sauce (made in Mexico by non-rapists and non-murderers) to help get that foul fowl down your gullible gullets. Face it, fellas, you backed a treasonous coward. Plain and simple. Yellow as they come.

Your staunch defense and vociferous claims of foul play by everyone else doesn’t cut it anymore. On the world stage, six inches taller and 50 pounds heavier, Trump turned into the “Incredible Shrinking Man.” Threw his country under the bus. Folded like a cheap suit. At least Benedict Arnold had the courage to yield a sword and musket against the nation he betrayed.

I never want to hear another word about a “witch hunt” by the FBI, Justice Department, etc. I never want to hear another word about a “Russian hoax,” fake news,” “deep state,” or any other garbage you guys try to spin.

Go look yourselves in the mirror and ask, “Did I really turn my back on my country in favor of the biggest con man in history? Did I really question the integrity and slam thousands of quality Americans doing their job to protect my country because I fell for that con man?”

Yes, you did. I’m not a religious man, but maybe some repentance is in order.

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City