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Letters to the editor for Saturday, June 3, 2017

President Trump leading country out of corruption

It grieves my soul to see you printing all this negativity about President Donald Trump. All are believing what the socialist left is spewing on the news and TV.

They all still think criminal Clinton and Obama are such great patriotic people. They need to dig deep and research all the harm they did and were planning to do if Clinton was elected. They corrupted all the intelligence agencies and the FBI, IRS and Justice Department. Democrats were the ones doing business with Russia and they both should stand trial for war crimes by disrupting the Middle East and letting our ambassador and others die and then covering with lies by the whole Obama administration.

Clinton and Obama’s plan was to destroy the USA and make USA a Muslim nation with a socialist regime. Nobody squawked about Obama’s $20 trillion debt markers.

All should fall on their knees that God sent a man, Donald Trump, to upset their crook schemes and upset the whole socialist agenda with a cry for freedom by “draining the swamp,” a plan all the leftist and social media is trying to crucify him for.

President Donald Trump and supporters are with him do or die — whatever it takes for freedom.

Terry Trissel

Carson City