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Letters to the editor for Saturday, March 30

Uniforms make youths part of something big

Uniforms are an inexpensive way for school districts to begin revitalizing their primary directive: to educate. Uniforms would also eliminate “class distinction” and even cover the “colors” of gang members.

I read the students’ petition and how they see that, “As individuals and near adults within the high school setting, it is vital that we learn to express ourselves through creative and appropriate means in order to better prepare ourselves for future success.” There are many ways to express one’s individualism, and mimicking celebrities’ stage attire isn’t one of them. “Smart” is premium outside the walls of high school.

Oh yes, one other thing lest you think wearing a uniform will crush your individualism. Pilots wear uniforms as do nurses, military personnel, police, mechanics, priests, food servers, repairmen, hospital staff doctors, band members, ballerinas, casino employees, cruise ship personnel, and lots more. Uniforms give you an identity with something much bigger than just yourself, and within that bigger identity you can express yourself by being the best at what you do.

In high school it is getting “smart” — math, music, art, science, chemistry, journalism, theater, language. It’s all there, yours for the taking, and those are the things that will prepare you for “future success.” Uniforms will help you get there by eliminating distractions and making you a part of something much, much bigger.

Joe Elliott

Washoe Valley

Urge lawmakers to ban horse-tripping

Please call the Senate Natural Resources Committee to urge them to pass SB72, the bill banning horse-tripping. SB72 was authored by Sen. Mark Manendo. Send an email to the following senators to urge them to vote in favor of SB72: Sen. Aaron Ford, chair; Sen. Pete Goicoechea; Sen. Tick Segerblom; and Sen. James Settelmeyer. Then go to the site http://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/Opinions/77th2013/A/ and post your opinion in favor of SB72.

This bill will not affect our American rodeo, only the outdated and cruel events called Charreadas. I am sure you will be shocked to learn about Charreadas. Opponents of this bill claim that Charreadas are a tradition and bring families together. Just because something is a tradition or part of any particular culture is no excuse.

There was a time when a horse was “broken” with violence. Now they are “trained” with understanding, patience and care. This is a sign of a civilization maturing. Let’s allow our civilization to grow a bit and stop this ridiculous practice.

We have to start somewhere. We have the power over these “dangerous” creatures, as they are referred to by Charros. And these animals have no choice to be involved in any of these events for entertainment. One animal being harmed for the sake of entertainment is one too many. We have nothing to prove but that we are still capable of respect for these magnificent animals.

Let’s try to work toward that goal. Let’s please start now with urging our senators to pass this legislation.

Cecilia Vohl