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Letters to the editor for Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017

Charles Manson a monster who won’t be missed

Yes, we remember Charles Manson, and also the terrible things he and his followers did so long ago. I was but 11 at the time. This was an evil, twisted man who believed in the sick doctrines of another madman — Adolf Hitler.

For 45 years, Charles Manson was a constant thorn in everyone’s side, even while in prison. His morbid televised parole hearings are legendary, as well as an unshakable fact that he cared nothing for what he and his followers did to those people. Manson never showed any remorse, ever.

For all of these years, this man kept hatred as his closest friend and cell mate. How lonely and miserable of a life he made for himself when you really stop and think about it.

Finally those remaining relatives of his victims can now rejoice with his passing. Gone are his senseless babel and philosophy. No more shall anyone see the ugly swastika he was proud enough to tattoo onto his forehead. That was proof positive enough he was insane.

And no longer shall the California prison system have to feed, clothe, listen to his ranting or tend to this monster’s and lunatic’s every need.

Sure he’s gone, but just as unbelievable as it is true, someone crazy out there will mourn or shed tears for him.

I once heard it said, and please excuse me for sharing this: “You should always say something good about the dead. Charles Manson the monster is dead. Good!”

But that’s just my opinion.

Don Paetz

Carson City