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Letters to the editor for Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013

Stop expecting others to fulfill all your needs

There was a knock on my front door the other day and when I answered it, there was a young woman standing there, and she was obviously very pregnant. I asked how I could help her and she said she was going to have a baby. I said, “That’s nice, but why are you telling me since we do not know each other?” She said she wanted me to pay for it. I asked why I would do that, and she simply said I could just give her the money or the government would take the money from me and my neighbors and use it to pay for her baby.

The above is obviously fiction, but I just wanted to make a point. What ever happened to the self-reliant people that built this country who made it on their own in this life and if tragedy struck they had family, friends, churches, charities etc. to help them through it? The government has so many programs for distributing the money earned by others to people that did not earn it. Amazing.

Now they add Obamacare. They will take money from those that earned it and use it to pay premium subsidies for those that did not. Hint to those that take: get the education or energy to make it on your own. Work two jobs, three jobs, whatever it takes for you to make it in this world, but quit asking others to pay your way.

Richard Cornish

Carson City

Wake up to the evils of the Democratic Party

A reply to Vince’s “For the Sake of America and Democracy”article of Oct. 16, I don’t think it is progressive, sensible, and definitely not responsible of the GOP to cave on the latest contrived shutdown of our legislative branch of government. If he should recall, the Obamacare health bill was passed by a Democrat House and Senate, and not voted for by any responsible Republican. It is a fact most all of the “lawmakers” didn’t even thoroughly read the bill. Hopefully now that it even has to be funded by an “out of balanced” budget, it will cave in by its own incompetency.

It will always confuse me why sensible lawmakers, mainly in the Senate, will continually spend more money than what is coming in, and believe that borrowing half of what they spend will not come back and bite them in the end. It is very sinful to continually lie to the American people through the news media (newspaper, radio and television), telling them the Republicans are such terrible individuals for mainly desiring to just “balance the budget.” If they knew anything about the American form of government, they would know the House of Representatives has the power of the purse.

What is so terrible about delaying the funding for one year and letting the people see for themselves what a bad bill it is? I’m sure they didn’t want the American people to realize the truth until it will too late (like the Benghazi tragedy). Please wake up to see what’s happening right before your eyes before it’s too late.

Neil Powers

Carson City

Impeach Obama for abusing his authority

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it allow the federal government to care for an individual’s health. The states are responsible for the individual, not the federal government. President Obama has no right to change any part of a law, but only to execute the law as it is written. He has no rights or powers beyond those stated in the Constitution — except by usurping it, when he said, “But we’re not in a normal atmosphere when it comes to Obamacare. We did have the executive authority to do so, and we did so.”

Instead of abiding by the U.S. Constitution where it says he shall “take care that the laws be faithfully executed,” he has ignored the legal requirements concerning the employer mandate, enabled Congress and their staffs to avoid the increases insurance costs mandated to every citizen and changed dates stipulated for programs within Obamacare.

Because President Obama is becoming tyrannical and Congress is responsible for its laws and programs, if one of those laws is unmanageable or uneconomical, Congress should change that law or defund it. When will this country wake up and demand Congress to impeach this president?

Bob Widmar

Carson City