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Letters to the editor for Sunday, April 15, 2018


And when that great

Vastness lies before me

And I merge into the stream of time,

I will become that tiny surge of energy

That pushes once more a blade of grass into the light

The going and coming

Are two faces of the same coin

There is no end, only transition

The ball of fire moves across the sky,

Radiating warmth among the verdant, waving grasses.

All of time has always been mine;

It is only now that I know my life

Is the part we call consciousness.

And so I will sleep once more,

Going whence I came,

Perhaps to know again one day that I am.

The bitterness is sweet,

For to have lost is to imply

That once I owned a moment of eternity.

Gene J. Giudice

Is South Carson Street project best way to spend $7.5 million?

Wow, $7.5 million to widen the sidewalks and put in cobbled crosswalks between Fifth Street and Fairview Drive? Where do I go to bid for that contract? Don’t get me wrong, Carson is my town and any money spent improving it is OK by me, but this? You won’t need both hands to count the pedestrians on that stretch on any given day. Not exactly flocking to see the leaning tower of Jack’s Bar or the nice looking, but vacant, Ormsby House.

By the way, didn’t they just put new sidewalks around that place? Nice of Transportation Secretary Chao to come out and pat Senator Heller on the back, but as you sit watching your five o’clock shadow grow waiting for the light at 580 and 395 to change so you can continue your commute to Minden, Gardnerville, get up Spooner or just go to Costco, you might wonder … wouldn’t it be better to spend that $7 million putting in the interchange that was supposed to be here rather than this convoluted nightmare of an intersection? Just asking.

When you do eventually get to Costco and you’re filling your tank, you might want to think about the substantial portion of your per-gallon dollar that goes to the federal Department of Transportation. You didn’t think you were getting those sidewalks and crosswalks for free, did you?

You can almost imagine the conversation between Trump and Secretary Chao: “We gotta throw some money at this Heller guy, he’s going down in flames.” So it basically amounts to a $7.5 million campaign contribution with your money, which is cool if Heller’s your guy.

Personally, I like to choose who I support.

Patrick McGuire

Carson City

Alleged Trump affairs aren’t problematic for country

Since when is it a problem that a president may have had a run-in with a bimbo? Many presidents have faced this in the past with one recently doing it in the Oval Office.

There have been so many bimbo eruptions that a first lady, who lost an election, was appointed to keep track of them. Then it was no one’s business as long as it did not interfere with doing the duties of the president.

So all of a sudden, now we have to care. Oh, wait a minute. I forgot that this president is hated by the establishment and media so therefore must be held to a different standard. It does not matter that the economy is booming, unemployment is down, job-stifling regulations eliminated, fair trade agreements improved to benefit America, etc.

Can you say hypocrisy and double standard? What a sham.

Kelly Madigan

Carson City

Message to Farmer: Humans are more than their bodies

Guy Farmer’s commentary regarding “gender confusion” rings similar to the bells tolled against the Equal Rights Amendment: Oh My God (OMG) — we won’t be able to have male and/or female bathrooms if women are treated equal to men.

As a family physician, I know the “biological fact” of gender identity as mentioned by Farmer is far more complicated than imagined in his philosophy.

As we know, humans have very complex brains. Inspecting a person’s genitals does not tell you everything there is to know about that person, not even about their sexual proclivities. If it did, we could inspect infants at birth for rapists, pedophiles and adulterers and conversely for those who could honor vows of celibacy and monogamy.

Alas, we can not know people’s minds by looking at them. We are all more than our bodies. The totality of one’s mind, body and spirit is an elaborate piece of art.

And please, I seriously doubt any teenage boy is going to claim to be a girl and act like one 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in order to get in the girls’ locker room for 30 minutes a day at best.

Colleen C. Lyons

Carson City