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Letters to the editor for Sunday, April 17, 2016

Carson woman touches heart in chance encounter

As we live on this exhilarating planet, we can experience some astonishing events. I was recently humbled with the sweetest intensity by an extraordinary Carson City woman who I had the pleasure of meeting by coincidence. With her ethereal and yet humorous way, this woman enlightened me to the importance of not sweating the small stuff and at the same time impressed a glistening dollop of admiration on my heart.

After a frustrating attempt to reach a local business, I accidentally left who I thought was the person I was trying to reach a clearly annoyed message. Two hours later my phone rang, and I was sure it was them calling me back. In fact, it was a gloriously sagacious woman unassociated with the business, who I ended up having one of the most delightful conversations with in my life.

I have never spoken with anyone who, in such a short time, made me feel so good. She described her evening of making dinner as she was dancing to music while chuckling at my message. Then in ways I simply cannot easily convey, she touched my heart, and gently taught me to be more lighthearted — illuminating a lasting impression on my soul for which I will be forever grateful.

Thank you, Nanci, for giving me such a heartwarming sense of companionship and enhancing my awareness on such an important lesson, enlightening me in the most delicate of ways! You truly encompass everything that a mentor should be and more! A very happy 90th birthday to you, Nanci Adams!

Shelly Havens


God helps those who help themselves

I read in the paper about a gathering to listen to someone discuss the primaries and God. I agree that we need to go with God to heal this country, but I also think that he would not want us to sit around and wait for it to be done for us. It has been my contention that God helps those who help themselves. He gave us the ability to think and free will to make decisions based on what we deem should be done. He never said it would be easy. Yes, we can ask for guidance, and in so doing we need to be receptive to whatever answers we might be getting yet are too blind to see.

We are nearing the end of eight years of godless tyranny that has exposed just a hint of what it would be like unless we do something about it. God may well be making it as clear as possible, short of hitting us all with a bolt of lightning.

It has been made as plain as day that we have been given a choice, and God is going to let us make it. I have made my choice and I know in my heart that it is the right one. Do not sell this country short. God doesn’t, and neither should you.

We all know in our hearts what needs to be done. Put no other gods before God and you will be on the right path.

Kelly Madigan

Carson City

Chris Forbush for Assembly District 40

P. K. O’Neill has stated his decision to renege on his campaign promise of “no new taxes” was based on the often cited “educational aspects” of a bill. His reneging has resulted in three individuals running to replace him.

Since there are three individuals seeking the anti-O’Neill vote, it means they might fracture the anti-O’Neill vote and allow him to win the primary election.

I have heard each of the individuals, Mr. Forbush, Mr. English and Mr. Kramer, speak and feel any one of them would be a great improvement over the incumbent, Mr. O’Neill.

My fear is since there are three individuals seeking the anti-O’Neill vote it might mean they fracture the anti-O’Neill vote and allow P. K. to win the primary election.

Since all three have cited the defeat of P. K. O’Neill as a reason for their entering the race, I feel it would be great if they now joined in a united front and support the decision of the Carson City GOP central committee to endorse Chris Forbush.

The primary goal should be the defeat of the reneger, P. K. O’Neill.

Sanford E. Deyo


Carson math: A city under construction

New math? In Carson City, the shortest distance between two points is — under construction!

Russel J. Reaver

Carson City

Road rules keep drivers, pedestrians safe

You should be paying attention to the roadway markings and posted street signs that help keep you and others safe.

You share the roads with pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcycles, all of which are also required to follow the rules of the road. Signs and markings are put in place to warn you of pedestrian crossings, bicycle lanes and mergers and speed limits.

Paying attention while driving will help prevent car crashes that can lead to injuries and deaths. Putting down the cell phone, turning down the music and driving within the posted limits will help to reduce this risk.

When approaching a crosswalk, slow down and look around. This will lessen the chance of being unable to stop should a pedestrian be in the crosswalk. If you are using the crosswalk, make sure that the driver acknowledges you before crossing and give them plenty of space before crossing.

When driving next to bicycle lanes, both motor vehicle and motorcycle operators should be looking for bicyclists. Be sure to pass safely and with at least three feet of distance between you and the bicycle rider.

Stop signs apply to all who utilize the roadways, including bicycles. Be sure to come to a complete stop before crossing. Not sure if you came to a complete stop? Use the two-second rule. Stop, count 1,001; 1,002, and look before proceeding through the intersection.

By paying attention to signs, slowing down, putting away the cell phone and looking out for one another, you can all help reduce vehicle crashes.

Sgt. Scott McDaniel

Carson City Sheriff’s Office