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Letters to the editor for Sunday, Aug. 13, 2017

Appeal’s coverage of local news is greatly appreciated

I feel that I have to respond to Bill Pyatt’s letter of July 25 disparaging the Appeal. He complains that the Appeal has primarily local news and is yearning for more national news.

Being local is precisely why I subscribe to the Appeal. I want to know what is happening in our capital and local environs and I want to know about our local teams and people. The accompanying photos are also illuminating. This is certainly not “worthless” (his word) to me.

If you wish more national news, please subscribe to the Reno Gazette or get e-subscriptions to the New York Times, Washington Post, L.A. Times or a news source that is non-opinionated as you wish (good luck with that). You will get your national news but very little, if any, local news (even for their respective areas).

A free press and country allow you to do that, but please don’t complain about our local paper when you have other options available to you. There are many of us who like it as it is.

Cora Johnson


Motor vehicles shouldn’t be forced to share road with bikes

In rebuttal of the letter titled “Accommodating bike traffic essential to city’s vitality,” all the hype about how great the bicycles use of the roadway is nothing but social engineering. Much the same as the recent demise of incandescent light bulbs. All of it forced on Americans by government bureaucracy.

The use of bicycles is all well and good, but don’t force motor vehicles to share the road with bicycles. The roadways are paid for by fees collected by the DMV and gasoline sales. When bicycles are required to be registered, licensed, insured and pay roadway use tax, then and only then will sharing of the roadway be justified.

Keith Young


Carson residents care about details of health inspections

Seems we are rewarding bad behavior in regard to restaurants that can’t pass their health inspections.

Passing some regulation that just holds restaurants to a green card in the window if they meet the minimum or maximum requirements is too vague for consumers.

We like to know how many mice are in a mousetrap. You use this green card method, you will see a lot less people going to Carson restaurants.

I know I will just treat myself to restaurants in Douglas County and Reno where they tell me the truth about a health inspection.

Stan Heinrichs

Carson City

Proposed fix for repeal and replace dilemma

I have a simple and effective solution to the endless challenges associated with current efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Here it is: The healthcare benefits provided to our elected representatives should be terminated upon implementation of their final healthcare bill. Representatives would be able to get replacement insurance by selecting from among the options created by their repeal and replace legislation.

After all, if it is good enough for the people, it certainly must be good enough for those we elect to represent our interests.

But then again, I could be wrong. For the past nine years, our legislators have proven themselves absolutely incapable of serving any interests other than their own.

Patricia Coryell

Carson City

A tribute to veterans

This is to my veterans:

I don’t care if you are pushing papers, pushing a broom or pushing through a battlefield and enemy lines … I honor you!

I don’t care if you enlisted or were drafted … I honor you!

I don’t care if you wished you hadn’t joined and I don’t care if you agreed or disagreed with the commands given to you or the conflict … I honor you!

I don’t care if you are past military, present military or future military … I honor you!

I don’t care if you didn’t come home mentally, physically or came home in pieces … I honor you wherever you are!

My honor holds no face, no name, no time frame and no branch of service above another … I honor them all!

If you served or are going to serve … I honor you!

That’s what patriotism means to me, and I don’t care if you disagree! I live in the greatest country on this planet and it is only because of our veterans, no one else!

I also honor all of our first responders!

Cathy Holland Bodnar

Carson City