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Trump must be joking with Made in America week

Trump has the majority of his products made in other countries. Mar-a-Lago requests more foreign worker visas during Made in America week, and this really supports his “America First” policy — what a crock.

He is a liar and fraud and an oligarch. Print or broadcast the real facts about this poser and all the taxpayer money he wastes weekly.

As mentioned earlier, every trip to Mar-a-Lago costs taxpayers $3.6 million. He continues to live the billionaire lifestyle on our taxpayers’ money.

Steve Rose

Carson City

Thanks to Rep. Amodei for vote on defense budget

I have been concerned about the wars that keep popping up, and the number of refugees who are fleeing their homelands and finding fewer places to be safe.

Although we are told that the conflicts are political or ethnic or have been escalating over the years, there is strong evidence supported by science that climate change also plays a part. The U.S. Department of Defense also thinks it does.

On July 14 our Nevada Rep. Mark Amodei helped pass an amendment to the annual defense budget that will allow the DoD to continue its study on the effects of climate change for its strategic planning and equipping of the troops.

The amendment states, “Climate change is a direct threat to the national security of the United States.”

Early on Amodei joined the House Climate Solutions Caucus, which seeks to collaborate across the aisle on climate issues and clean energy policies.

This bipartisan group is growing quickly and now has 24 Republican and 24 Democratic members. The defense budget amendment is an example of the desire of some members of Congress to work together on issues that affect us all.

So, thank you, Mr. Amodei.

Lin Zahrt

Carson City

President Trump building healthy rapport with world leaders

The left wing political party insists that diplomacy is much better than violence. So, President Trump has talks with numerous international leaders including Russian leader Putin. He talks with Putin at both a scheduled meeting and an informal chit chat meeting during a international G20 dinner affair.

The liberal media and their following go into a mass hysteria over Trump’s so-called collusion with Russia.

At least by body language alone you can see that President Trump gets along well with these numerous international leaders, including Putin, unlike the blatant obvious body language of dislike between our former president of eight years and his failed record of foreign policy and diplomacy with these same numerous world leaders.

Diplomacy only works when there is a mutual respect between the meeting individuals.

George Gerlach


Speak up and vote to protect Earth’s climate

Ironic, isn’t it? Remember when rivers in the east were lighting on fire because of the pollution? We cleaned up our waterways. Remember when many of our cities were filled with smog? We cleaned up our air. Now Scott Pruitt, the new director of the Environmental Protection Agency, is rolling back the regulations that made those accomplishments possible, and President Trump is pulling us out of the Paris climate accord which would encourage those accomplishments around the world.

Science is not our enemy, and science has allowed our country to become the leader it is. Science tells us that carbon emissions (especially from fossil fuels) are warming our planet, playing a major factor in the increasing intensity of fires, floods, and “superstorms,” etc.

CCL (citizensclimatelobby.org) is working toward legislation that would put a fee on carbon emissions and give the money back to the American people (Carbon Fee and Dividend). It would be win-win for our state bringing new higher paying jobs in renewable energy (we can be leaders in wind, solar and geothermal). By giving the money back to the people, this proposal would also stimulate the economy bringing more new jobs.

Our country, which was a world leader in cleaning up the environment, is becoming the heel-dragging petulant child who wants things to go back to how they were when fossil fuels had no restrictions on how they could pollute our air, water and ground.

Speak up in any way you can, especially at the voting booth in 2018, against returning our country to a polluted outcast from society.

Midge Breeden

Carson City

Payment dates don’t seem to make sense

A couple of days ago, a mass mailing was delivered to the property owners of Carson City. This notification consisted of property tax bills. An interesting bright yellow page appeared as an insert. It portrayed how the taxpayer could go about paying the third installment on time if it was their policy to pay in person.

You see, the treasurer had forgotten that the due date was a legal holiday — New Year’s Day. And, as we all know, government administration comes to a halt on those days. The Treasurer’s Office would be closed on the due date of the third installment.

One must immediately ask why the yellow insert didn’t announce that there would be a one-day grace period for this payment. Obviously, the treasurer had erred, and this would have been a way to keep from looking careless.

In case you are thinking that Jan. 1 is a magical date that must be observed, the third payment in Douglas County is due on Jan. 2!

Yes ,Virginia, we really are a small town.

Joseph B. Allegretti

Carson City

Trump’s disdain for media is biting hand that fed him

I’m befuddled by President Trump’s animosity toward the media. Who does he think it was who gave him the (free) exposure to the public that led to his election?

Among his many other failings and shortcomings, he’s a colossal hypocrite.

Sue Morrow

Carson City