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Letters to the editor for Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017

Community mourning loss of CHS student

We are all saddened at the passing of Carson High’s Timothy Jones.

A number of years ago, Pershing County High’s band director and a student were lost in a rollover auto crash. They hadn’t used seat belts and were thrown from the car. We had a son in the band and remember how devastated our entire town of Lovelock was. Back then, seat belt use was not the law. To honor them, our family made a pledge to use our seat belts every time we got into any vehicle. The students at CHS might do the same.

Click your seat belts and think of TJ3. He would want you to enjoy a long and happy life.

Carolyn Myler

Carson City

Advertisement misplaced in Nevada Appeal

I was stunned this morning when the first page I saw of the Nevada Appeal was a half-page ad with disturbing images of semi-automatic weapons, ammunition and Christmas decorations!

And if those aren’t enough weapons of destruction for you, Battle Born Ammunition and Firearms also carried handguns, shotguns, ammo, optics and knives. But wait — there’s more.

Through Christmas you can also get a discount on gift certificates or “AR-15 build kits” or something called “shockwave.”

I would think that the mass shootings in Las Vegas and elsewhere would have been enough of a shockwave that the Nevada Appeal would have the decency to either not run this offensive ad or bury it deep in the newspaper.

Are we so insensitive to the families of those who were shot in Las Vegas, some of whom live in Northern Nevada?

Shame on Battle Born but a larger bucket of shame for the Nevada Appeal.

Joyce Newman

Carson City

Sexual harassment still a serious problem

Women have been suppressed, sexually harassed, exploited, misused and beaten throughout the ages. Some women throughout history have had powerful roles, were respected and highly thought of. I applaud the all too few.

Women did men’s bidding and if she didn’t and disobeyed, she paid the consequences. As time evolved, some progress was made. Women worked alongside men and were not paid the same wage for the same job. Still the same now. During World War II, the women made planes and ships (Rosie the Riveter). The men fought to keep us free. We were equal.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is more prevalent than one realizes. I have been in situations where this was the norm. In the military in the 1950s it was bad, but not as bad now. It is still there. I had to quit a very good job because the sexual harassment was so awful. It was reported, but nothing was done.

Domestic violence is coupled with sexual harassment in some cases. Granted, not all men are like that. There are many who respect women and treat them equally. And then there are those who don’t.

Hey, you men out there! We women are wonderful! We are intelligent, compassionate, sensitive human beings. We can and do contribute to the world in a positive way. Remember, your mother was a woman.

Men who disrespect women are disgusting. Christ was one man who respected women. Remember him? His birthday is coming soon. If mankind were more Christlike, there wouldn’t be violence in the world.

Women are a force to be reckoned with. Hear us roar!

Phyllis E. Skamel

Carson City

Appeal pages lack value of political cartoons

I am wondering why there are no longer any political cartoons in the Appeal. I do not find the current non-political cartoons interesting, but perhaps that is just me.

More importantly, political cartoons and the late night comedians are the two venues in which through hyperbole and satire such things as the hypocrisy and absurdness of politicians and their actions can be exposed for the most part without repercussions.

Political cartoons with their deprecating humor are of value because they usually have an element of truth in them. Appreciation of these cartoons as well as the late night comedians should be non-partisan because Republican, Democrat, conservative, and liberal politicians all provide such an abundance of fertile material.

There is one caveat. To be fair, the deprecating humor should be spread along the entire political spectrum.

Randy Grossmann

Carson City

Washington politicians only look out for themselves

I think Trump should send all the House and Senate Democrats home, they surely aren’t doing anything in Washington but taking up space.

The Republicans and Democrats are no more than two city gangs duking it out in a vacant city lot. Both are looking out for themselves, not for the welfare of the city.

Both parties are sitting around Washington poking fingers in the air, looking for fame and fortune. They do not care what happens to the American people or this country, as long as they get what they want.

Why do you think they pass a law giving themselves an automatic pay raise every year, but let us pay the bill?

Why do you think they spend more money than they have yet if we do the same thing they put us in jail?

Because our so-called representatives are above the law. Sounds like a dictatorship by committee.

If our politicians were thinking for us, we would have healthcare that would be fair for all, we would have tax reform that would be fair for all, we would have immigration laws that are fair for all, we would have labor laws that are fair for all.

There is no patriotism in this country anymore. Everyone is trying to cut everybody else’s throat to get more than anyone else. “The country can go to hell as long as I get my free stuff.”

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody has to pay for it. That someone is you and me.

Feryl Fitzgerald

Carson City