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Letters to the editor for Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018

Prison overtime a serious problem

Our governor is concerned about our prison budget. So am I. It’s running out of our money.

Now that marijuana is legal, why not just let those put in there for that out?

Some states have discussed “truth in sentencing” laws, but Nevada is not one of them. The closest we got was SB416 in 1995. All that did was establish minimums for felonies. It didn’t address much regarding the truth; especially in Class “A.”

They say it costs more to kill them than keep them. This is certainly true as the playground for lawyers, judges, psychologists, psychiatrists, objectors and numerous social worker types being maintained at who knows what rate per hour at our expense.

Our yet unresolved issue regarding the guy that wants to receive the death sentence he got is a good example.

A death penalty has nothing, whatsoever, to do with love or spirituality. It has to do with truth. We simply don’t need some people anymore. We do need some people with the guts to understand that. Try Deuteronomy 21:18-21, 17:7, 22:24, Ecclesiastes 8:11 and the big one 2 Kings 19:34-36. There is more.

For those claiming to not have or want a Bible to refer to, perhaps you just haven’t found yours yet. Keep looking. There are about 450 versions. You might get lucky. Jeremiah 10:23.

Pete Bachstadt

Carson City

Democracy in peril under Trump

In 1944, Vice President Henry Wallace wrote of the danger of American fascism.

“Fascism,” he said, “is a worldwide disease. Its greatest threat to the U.S. will come after the war, either from Latin America or within America itself.” Time has shown the latter presents the danger.

Wallace went onto say that “fascists are recognizable by their deliberate perversion of truth and facts” (“alternative facts,” “fake news”). “Their own newspapers and propaganda cultivate disunity” (Fox News, Breitbart).

Wallace explained how fascists strategically lie to promote civic division thereby justifying authoritarian rule. Thus, lying of high crime rates justifies police states; lying about immigrants justifies bans on entry and mass expulsions; lying about illegal votes justifies voter suppression.

Wallace said of these fascists, “They claim to be super-patriots, but would destroy constitutionally guaranteed liberties. They demand free enterprise, but are spokesmen for monopoly and vested interests. Their final objective is to capture political power and with the power of the state and markets will keep the common man in eternal subjugation.”

Wallace called for a “century of the common man” demanding accountability of government committed to “the general welfare” (as in the Constitution).

Today’s Republican Party looks askance at potential treason in the cause of tax cuts and policies to favor the wealthy. They consistently put party before country, i.e. “we the people.”

Our President Trump holds basic American political values in contempt; his party shares in that contempt. America is nearly facing a constitutional crisis. Our democracy is in peril!

Vin Agamenone

Carson City

Thanks goes out to public safety officials

I had the privilege and honor to ride in a sheriff’s patrol car for a few hours in the night. I observed this sergeant operate the vehicle with the window down (for unusual sounds), noticing the surroundings, traffic, often looking for a specific situation or person. The computer showed all the calls while he responded to his officers with directions, answers or backup; then suddenly wheeling the patrol car around to get behind a vehicle with an expired tag or no tail light.

So, just as I thank our uniformed troops for their service, I will shake the hand of every police officer I see and thank them for the intensity of their job and the sixth sense I know they have developed.

James Kingsbury

Carson City

Pick up after your pooch

Open letter to all canine pet owners: Holy crap! When taking your dog or dogs to any one of the parks here in town, or walking them along the parkways, sidewalks or bike paths, for crap’s sake, pick up after them! Don’t leave it for some unsuspecting sole to accidentally step in!

My 100-pound wolf dog poops like a pony, and yet I still manage to hold onto my genteel disposition while maneuvering my mutt mitt around the recycled canine cuisine.

Granted, there are occasions when the mutt mitt and its contents are with us for the remainder of our walk, but that’s a small price to pay for being a good neighbor.

In most cases, the city actually supplies said mutt mitts in dispensers accompanied by a trash can.

Be a good neighbor to your neighbor and make the effort to clean up after your pet. Not only is it the courteous thing to do, but it is also in compliance with Carson City Animal Code 7.13.080.

Hope A. Tingle

Carson City