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Letters to the editor for Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014

Mobile home park rattled by loud noise

Regarding noise in Carson City, we do need a noise ordinance ASAP.

I am retired and live in a wonderful mobile home park. I work at the library four days a week. I walk or use the JAC bus. The automobile stereo and bass from everyone who lives here occurs from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. I have talked to these people and my manager and the sheriff’s department — there are no laws in place for this. Good luck with that.

Susan Carpenter

Carson City

If driver is aggressive, don’t get in a conflict

As our roadways become more and more congested, it seems that some drivers become more aggressive in their driving habits. I am sure everyone has come across an aggressive driver. Perhaps you have even been one from time to time and not really thought about it. So what is an aggressive driver?

These are the high-risk drivers who have very little concern for their fellow motorists. They run stop signs and red lights, speed, tailgate, weave in and out of traffic, pass on the right, make improper and unsafe lane changes, scream, honk, flash their headlights, and of course make hand and facial gestures. Sometimes aggressive driving can lead to road rage which in turn can lead to violence. So what should you do when you have an aggressive driving situation?

When being tailgated, make every attempt to move over so that the other vehicle can pass. Do not challenge the other driver by speeding up or “brake checking” the other vehicle. Ignore gestures and don’t return them. There is no need to create a bigger issue. Avoid eye contact. When it is safe to do so, report the aggressive driver. When speaking with dispatch, try and give a location of the incident, a description of the vehicle (color, type, damage, etc.), direction of travel, and if possible, a license plate number.

As a reminder, driving is a privilege and not a right. You can lose this privilege very easily if your driving habits are aggressive.

Sgt. Scott McDaniel

Carson City Sheriffs Office

Columnist right about our need for humor

I loved Sam Bauman’s column “Holiday Inn: Everything a Senior Needs.” To me, that is “news.”

News should cause us to look at things from a new perspective. To view our later years with humor and innovation can truly cause us to stand against the tide — the stereotype of the grouchy and unyielding senior citizen. As seniors, we should use the wisdom that we’ve gained with experience and influence the world around us for good. One way to do that is to bring humor into the ever-increasing gloom and doom that has become our “news.” Thank you, Sam Bauman!

Barbara Caron

Carson City

Rise up for our nation in this election year

The descendants of Jefferson’s Democratic Republicans are the conservatives and the Tea Party. The descendants of Hamilton’s Federalists are the big government “progressive” establishment Republicans. Today’s Democrats are descendants of Karl Marx.

The practical consequence of these roots is that the Democrats seduce the low-information voters with their plans to do “something” for the people. Conservatives promise to exercise only the few enumerated powers. Whatever the Democrats propose, our answer is “no, it’s not in the Constitution.” After a while we start being boring, boring, boring.

There have been many calls recently for a letter writing campaign — write against Common Core; write against voter apathy; write against arrogant politicians who ignore their rank-and-file supporters, etc. How about a letter writing campaign against Emperor Obama and his Hessians in Congress under Reid and Pelosi? Is it too much to include “Republican” collaborationists?

Obama’s agenda and his rule by fiat gives us the chance to sound exciting simply by rekindling the spirit of 1776 and using against the Democrats the words our Founders used against King George. The obvious parallels make our task much easier. 2014 is an election year. Do your duty. Do your best. Just do something.

Peter Hennessey

Carson City

Why isn’t shelter on Carson’s priority list?

I think the whole city is behind getting a new animal shelter. I agree with Monique Giron’s letter that it is a “no-brainer,” that it is a need.

My only question I would like Mayor Crowell or any Board of Supervisor to answer is: We have 27 priority projects that are in the budget; how come the animal shelter project did not even make that list?

Sunni Enciso

Carson City