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Letters to the editor for Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017

Let state representatives hear your voice

When I read the new leadership in the Nevada Legislature skipped the first day of schmoozing and went directly to a transparent discussion of the session’s agenda, I said hallelujah! We have an opportunity to move ahead with legislators who are going to work for all the people. I was impressed with the senators who took their time to meet with constituents. Instead of the overwhelming negativity on the national scene, these legislators brought their concerns, ideas and plans in the form of proposed bills to the table. Our state can move ahead to an infrastructure providing clean and renewable energy with bills — SB146, SB147, and SB150 — by Sens. Pat Spearman and Parks, who were present at the meet and greet on Feb. 15. Assemblyman Brooks presented an additional bill to achieve renewable energy goals in AB206, jointly sponsored by Sens. Spearman, Parks and Cancela.

Their proposals can bring economic development to the rural areas. If sustainable, cheaper energy were available, new businesses would move to Nevada. Of course, measures to support public education, reasonable wages and pay equity must also be addressed.

Marchers from the women’s march, look up your representatives on the legislative website and let them know your views. Did you believe that equal rights for women doesn’t matter anymore? Did you see Sen. McConnell tell Sen. Elizabeth Warren to sit down and be quiet?

Let’s send a message to Congress that we are watching. Inform yourselves regarding economic development and renewable energy, and join in supporting our legislators who are working on your behalf.

Barbara Wall

Carson City

How trustworthy is Donald Trump?

I cannot trust you, Donald Trump. You say you got 307 electoral votes. A lie? No, not you. You never lie. So it was only 304 votes.

“Someone else” told you 307. Someone else on your staff? Anyway you got more electoral votes than any candidate since ‘68. (Obama in ’12? No, he only got 332. Clinton, W.J. in ’96? No, he only got 379. Bush I in ’88? No, he only got 426. Reagan in ’80? No, he only got 489. Nixon in ’72? No, he only got 520.)

Somebody else told you that too? And you say your administration’s not in disarray.

The rollout of your executive order on immigration went smoothly. You say. Another lie? No, not you. You never lie.

You were happy to have that “so-called” judge in Washington state suspend your order. And those “so-called” judges in San Francisco support his act. Write a replacement. Something else for “so-called” judges to strike down. You want to promote disarray.

You call out the mainstream media as liars, as failing, as purveyors of fake news. This is part of your great plan. Isn’t it?

You welcome conflict and disarray. They are your mistresses. You love them. And embrace them. They give you (and your base) a sense of worth.

When you say your administration runs like a fine-tuned machine, you meant it. For indeed it serves your purpose.

I do not trust you, Donald Trump.

Michael Goldeen

Carson City

Liberal backlash a childlike tantrum

After a month of watching different TV and written news media reports, I have come to a conclusion of why the ultraliberal wing of the former Democratic Party are in total disbelief of what occurred in November. They protest in the streets and their representatives in the Congress pull all kinds of shenanigans. Just like a bunch of 5-year-olds who didn’t get their way.

They have failed to see that the rest of America did not want the USA to become just another second class, socialist, welfare, nanny state like many other countries on this planet.

The ultra left agenda of the past eight years was supposed to be carried on by the liberal candidate in that November election. The shoo-in didn’t get shooed in, but lost to President Trump and millions of so-called deplorables.

I’m a deplorable and proud of it. God bless the USA.

George Gerlach


Reducing accidents should be state’s priority

While I am happy to read that our governor has added his word on Centerville-Highway 88 intersection problems, one must wonder why other deadly intersections were not included, or are we to think that there is some death total at any intersection that is acceptable before the state is concerned.

Why not post signs at each of these locations such as “do not exceed ‘x’ amount of deaths per year at this location.”

Or possibly have mandatory all-way full stops until the problem is solved. Surely survival is more important than hoping to win at Russian roulette.

As a taxpayer, I am willing to pay my share of the needed costs to solve such problems in a reasonable way. Reducing accidents should also help keep down insurance rates.

Pete Harding


Lawmakers: Make sensible laws, but don’t erase history

On Feb. 1, the Appeal published an interesting article by David Henley. In it we were told that Kit Carson, among his many activities, was responsible for killing a great number of Native Americans, not all of which was justified.

The new leaders of the state Legislature are calling for Columbus Day to be replaced by a new celebration: “Indigenous People’s Day.” Thus poses the question: Are we destined to rename the state capital? Seriously, when is enough, enough?

On a different but related subject, the three Democrat congressional members have asked Gov. Sandoval to advise the U.S. Senate to remove the statue of Patrick McCarran because there is evidence that he was anti-Semitic.

For the record, the Catholic Church went to great lengths prior to World War II in instructing its members that it was the Jews who put Christ to death. It was terrible logic, but it caught on. One could examine hundreds of public servants who were Christians and find most held the belief prior to the war.

The war did two things. Jews and Christians fought side by side and ended up loving each other. The death camps of the Nazis demonstrated just how persecuted the Jews had become. Their plight was embraced in 1945.

Was it not Jesus who said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone?” We need fewer moral interpreters and more moral people. The two are not the same. Make constructive laws. Stop destroying history!

Joseph B. Allegretti

Carson City

A glance at recent economic downturn

Let’s take a look at our country’s economic downturn.

In 1960 we had a 10 percent Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Which includes manufacturing and its small business support system. A grandiose economy to be sure.

In 1963 the GDP dropped to 5 percent. Between 1963 and 1993, 10-year GDP averages ranged between 2.5 percent and 3 percent, with highs of 7 percent and lows of minus 2 percent.

In 1968 a Democratic Congress passed President Johnson’s Great Society legislation, caring for the poor.

In 1970 a Democratic Congress created the Environmental Protection Agency.

Between 1970 and 2000, large manufacturing firms were pushed offshore by the EPA and Congress.

The late ’90s allowed the Republicans to modify Great Society legislation to include help in finding jobs. The people applauded the help.

Between 1995 and 2006, the GDP fluctuated between 2.7 percent and 3.2 percent. Our EPA had finally converted a grandiose 10 percent GDP to a 70 percent service related economy.

During the Great Recession, the Federal Reserve said inflation increased 190 percent over the previous decades. Not to forget the six other recessions.

Much of our large product manufacturing industry, which includes military equipment, is now providing economic security in Mexico and other countries. We are providing jobs and financial support to millions that have entered our country illegally.

None of the above happens without congressional approval. Congressional voting records are public.

All data is provided by the Federal Reserve in St. Louis. GDP figures not adjusted for inflation for accuracy purposes.

Ron Wood