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Letters to the editor for Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017

Historic Carson site in disrepair

The passing of time can be very cruel to an old building, especially when it’s just cast to the wayside, forgotten. Then it’s torn down. Even if some of these structures were shady saloons or seedy brothels, they still each have a story to tell.

Virginia City is fraught with many of these old buildings. It has often been said that no one ever drove up the hill to Virginia City just to look at the old buildings there. It’s the stories behind them and the city that people want to hear about.

The other day while delivering phone books, our group was walking past old Jack’s Bar on main street when a rather loud crash came from inside. As we peered through the dirty windows of the dilapidated old watering hole, the boards on the ceiling were still moving up and down because most of it and the roof were now on the floor — everything was covered with water.

However, to our surprise, perched on what looked like a piece of metal sticking out of the wall, sat a brown-tailed hawk. I certainly hope it wasn’t trapped inside and could fly out.

This old bar, because of time and neglect, this old piece of Carson and Nevada history, as insignificant as it is to some people, will probably be torn down and put into a landfill. It’s just too far gone to save now. And it is likely that nothing can be done to save it. What a waste of history.

But that’s just my opinion.

Don Paetz

Carson City

Volkswagen customer frustrated by ‘Dieselgate’

Regarding the story on Volkswagen “Dieselgate,” I had a 2013 Jetta SportWagen TDI verified by the VIN number to be illegal. I was sent a paper claim form and at request of an operator at the claim assist number, I did an electronic claim at which I was given a claim number. I have called them for updates. I’ve been told they got my claim info and I called two weeks later and was told they did not have my info. Every time I call I always get different info, dates, etc.

I called weeks ago and was told they have had my info since late August. I was also told a judge had to OK Volkswagen’s plan even though it was approved Sept. 18.

I do not think they are stalling, l think they are lying about the compensation. There is a lot of chatter online about this. People are saying no one has gotten anything including emails, letters, etc. I got a letter from the CEO apologizing and a promise to make things right. I received this letter in late September and nothing else … very frustrating.

Larry Batt

Carson City

Obamacare saves lives

I am writing this because I believe it is important we as Nevadans work together to protect the Affordable Care Act. It is a life and death situation for many.

I currently do not have healthcare and the only healthcare I have had in the recent past has been provided to me by provisions in the ACA.

I personally believe that healthcare is a human right. If we have the ability to take care of every Nevadan then we should not hesitate to do it. If the ACA is repealed, it must be replaced with something comparable or people will die as a result.

The idea that I even need to write this letter strikes me as outrageous. I have a friend who, at 16 years old, experienced a miscarriage and required emergency surgery to save her life. Her medical coverage comes through the ACA. Without it that surgery would not have happened. She could have died. It is hard to understand how this is not clear: The ACA saves lives, without it people will die unnecessarily.

Even Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval has maintained that those who have coverage need to be able to retain it.

It is time we do the right thing and make choices to move us toward a more compassionate society.

Megan Lynn Lewis

Sun Valley

Sen. Heller’s actions speak louder than words

Sen. Dean Heller is a very good looking man. He looked fabulous riding in last year’s Nevada Day Parade.

Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving and actions speak louder than words because Sen. Heller regularly votes against Social Security, Medicare and veterans benefits.

Jeanne Larson


Final frontier: Public lands must be protected

Public lands are a positive juxtaposition to the disparity of private lands in the East. Public lands offer clarity in a world of technocracy. A transfer will lay the groundwork for restricted access. I am outraged by the continued assault from a handful of oil-soaked politicians.

States cannot afford to manage public lands. The Little Valley fire in Nevada burned 2,291 acres, costing $6 million to suppress, or $2,619 per acre. This fire resulted in $80 million in property damage. Mark Amodei’s bill (H.R. 1484) has a meager $2 million per year for fire management ($3.60 per acre). States will sell land to the highest bidder to cover costs.

We must fight to preserve public lands for our children. If only to go to the edge and look out into an endless vista of undeveloped Eden. This basic access is a human right, human intuition, and a human necessity.

Public lands help generate a $646 billion industry. The outfitter Patagonia donated all proceeds from Black Friday, expecting sales around $2 million, but generated $10 million. People care about public lands and they move money from cities to rural communities, a pattern based on unrestricted access to public lands.

Public lands are an American value, a last frontier of American democracy, part of the geography of hope. We must fight to remain free in our own country from the noise, exhausts, and dredges of industrial waste.

Something will have gone out of us as Americans if we let public lands be transferred to state control.

Richard Bednarski


Letter to Broadway actor assaulted in Reno


I hope you don’t judge Nevada by the actions of one lunatic.

That is not the way it is in Nevada. Are there racists in Nevada? Sure there are, the same as in the rest of the world. There are people who are prejudiced against all races, religions, beliefs but they are a very small percentage.

It is a shame but the most prejudice we have in our country is the liberal Democrats versus the conservative Republicans.

I apologize for what happened to you and hope you don’t hold it against us.

Walt Ratchford

Carson City