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Letters to the editor for Sunday, Jan. 15, 2017

Voting beyond IQ

There is no pass or fail on an IQ test and there is no correlation between intelligence, liberalism or conservatism.

My IQ is 144 and I have voted for Republicans and Democrats. I vote for who I think will be the best in office.

What our country needs is people who use their IQ they have to vote for the best candidate and not because of their gender or because they are cute.

We also need two parties that work together for the good of the people, instead of themselves.

Walt Ratchford

Carson City

Officials reinventing wheel for marijuana law

In the Jan. 6 Nevada Appeal article, “State tax office seeks $900K for pot law startup expenses,” the request is for a loan to hire four officers to create regulations for the new recreational marijuana law.

There are many states that already have the recreational and medicinal marijuana available in their states. Why not get those regulations, compare and find the best ones and use preexisting knowledge to help us? That undoubtedly would not cost $900,000.

As a retired educator, I remember many times being asked to come up with a solution to a problem. When you look at what is available, make the best assessments and create your solution based on current situation and past experience, the answer is often clear and easy to find. Why do we always spend more money to reinvent a wheel, when it already works somewhere?

Pam Brekas


All military personnel deserve veteran status

Combat veterans are indeed worthy of special recognition and our nation’s gratitude. I have the highest regard for them, especially for those who were wounded and for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

It’s humbling when considering their service to our nation. Enlisting in the armed forces during wartime comes with an expectation of combat duty, or at least an expectation of being put into harm’s way; but that decision isn’t theirs to make at the time of enlistment, nor anytime thereafter. Some are ordered into combat. Others are not. The type of service performed during peacetime also comes without guarantees.

In either case, all military personnel are fully trained and prepared for combat. That level of commitment and readiness is what keeps our nation strong and free.

Therefore, contrary to Mr. Wood’s opinion of Jan. 4, those who served without engaging in combat also deserve our gratitude and are no less entitled to be called “veterans.” Whatever inherent “benefits” accompany that title are merited and appreciated, even when we’re told, “Thank you for your service.”

Kenneth Ready

Carson City

Horse racing is palpably cruel sport

In the Popcorn Stand on Jan. 10, Mr. Whisnand asked why race horses run as fast as they can. The answer is because they are being whipped.

Yes, they are bred for speed and a competitive nature, but if you are a racing fan you know that jockeys whip the horses, especially down the stretch. Is there another sport where we cheer as an animal is being whipped?

I used to be a fan of horse racing until my daughter, an ex-jockey, brought the abuse in the industry to my attention.

From the article I believe Mr. Whisnand to be an animal lover. I would encourage him to research horse racing wrongs. His opinion of the sport may change.

Rae Hanna


Sen. Warren’s critique is case of pot calling kettle black

Why is it I have concerns about Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has lied (oops … misspoke) about her heritage, questioning the integrity of Ben Carson and others?

Sanford E. Deyo