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Letters to the editor for Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014

Fine people who use charging area too long

In regards to Mr. Cunningham’s letter about the free car charging at the Carson City Community Center, he is absolutely right! I only say this because of the abuse of the free charging. There is a sign at the parking stations that says “Two hour charging station. Remove car when charged.” The very first day it was open, a car was there at 6:30 a.m. and was still there after 4 p.m. Now, that is not the end of it! That same car was there the very next day, all day long and, oh yes, the very next day and the day after that! The next week it was back for another 2-3 days and was there last week at least two days, all day long! I do have the license plate number and intend to pursue this if it continues.

I lease space from the Community Center for my business and I have up to 25+ clients at a time, so parking spaces are necessary for my business. When the board of supervisors have their meeting, they alone will fill the parking lot so taking away two spaces may seem very little to others. It is very important for my business.

I don’t know whose idea this was to have these spots, and it’s nice to do things for people, but it seems when you do something nice for some people, they will find a way to take advantage of it and ruin it for the rest of us. It has already put some of my clients out because of lack of spaces.

I am not sure if there is a fine to park in that space without charging, but there should absolutely be a fine for longer than two hours, wouldn’t you agree?

Terri Snyder

Carson City

U.S. Capital filled with jerks who get perks

How is it that from our vast array of citizens which make up our population, we continually get this collection of common senseless lawmakers?

Since they are about to renovate the Capitol in Washington, D.C., I, hereby submit the following words for the inscription to be engraved over the entry — “E Pluribus Meatheads,” and over the archway to the underground private entrance — “Welcome jerks with perks.”

A few blocks away is the Smithsonian with its collection of rare historical artifacts. Next to the case containing the extinct dodo bird we should add an icon of a statesman with the inscription “Where’s Jimmy Stewart (aka Mr. Smith) when we need him?”

Joe Hanus

Carson City

Please take down signs for craft fair

Will the people who put up “craft fair” signs in December please take them down? They are everywhere in Carson City and Minden. Thank you.

Darleen Dils


Tell leaders we need a new animal shelter

Carson City needs a new Animal Shelter. As evidenced in past newspaper stories, the current shelter is sorely lacking in space and services for our existing population. It was built in the 1960’s for a significantly smaller population. If Carson City “decision makers” listen to its residents and want to create a viable, appealing, community that welcomes businesses and supports families, an updated Shelter is a no-brainer. Carson City residents, this is a call to action. Call or write your Supervisors and support a new Shelter. Or, write a letter like this to make your voice heard. It’s a 5 minute email, do it!

Monique Giron

Carson City

Our nation doesn’t need to be ‘taken back’

Since the millions of Tea Party activists appeared out of thin air five years ago their constant refrain has been, we’re going to “take back the country.” Just where are the Tea Partiers going to take America back to — the close-mindedness and segregation of the 50s?

No thanks; American exceptionalism continues to be the direction America is headed. That non-Americans construe us as an overweight empire matters not one whit to American exceptionalism; we are fit and free and know it.

Every so often lists are published showing us where we rank in the world in matters of healthcare, education, life expectancy, and infant mortality. And if these lists are never quite flattering, they are never quite convincing, either, because if we’re so bad why do millions who don’t live here want to live here, huh?

The ones who really see how exceptional we are are those who live outside of America and want to get in; we just take it for granted.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City, Calif.

On the fourth Monday in January, Jan. 27, 2014, Standing for Peace will have been in front of the Legislative Building every Monday, except for three or four snow days, for seven years.

We will continue to be there until the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cease. Some standing for Peace members are veterans of other wars or relatives of veterans.

We have received an overwhelming favorable response from people driving by. We have received some negative responses, but we expected that and are respecting those who disagree with us.

If there are those reading this letter and would like to participate, we would be pleased to welcome you. We are there every Monday from 12:30 to 2. We consider ourselves “advocates for peace.”

William L. McCord, USMC

Carson City