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Letters to the editor for Sunday, Jan. 8, 2017



We are witnessing possibly the greatest betrayal since the kiss of Judas. Two days before Christmas, Barak Obama abstained from UN Security Council resolution 2334, which allows Israel’s unanimous condemnation.

The Obama spin is that it was an act of “tough love” toward our only Middle East ally. It was an act of hateful arrogance under the guise of “friendship”.

The slam against Israel iwill impact her future as a State in the world of States. It hazards her very right to exist. Enemy nations will attempt to end her status as a State, to demote her to the class of being a “settlement”. Doing business with Israel could result in worldwide ramifications. Her enemies have been under-handed a “legal” justification to rev up their anti-Semitic projects. Incredible moral damage has been done by the great “opponent” of racism.

Israeli could lose her right of self defense, risking UN prosecution against her statesmen, her military personnel, her policy-makers, and ordinary citizens. Belligerent nations guilty of massive crimes of aggression receive no threat against them from the UN.

John Kerry added to the sham by a speech condemning Israel. It was obnoxious in tone, and tragic in its foundation for future assaults against Israel. Will these proud, self-serving people “carry off” their evil intentions? Over 2500 years ago, Zechariah penned God’s intentions toward this intimidation: “I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.”

America will be wise to reconsider her posture concerning Israel! Let’s speak up!

Mary Glaesman


We need to support Trump


Let’s suggest to Mr. Trump, the quickest way to trim the budget by a few million is to print all government forms in English only.

Let’s face it — the emigration law reads you must be able to read, write and speak English before you can even apply for citizenship in this great country of America. This nation was built on diversity, but you can’t hope to keep the American way of life if you can’t understand your neighbor. This creates a distrust between you and the person you are trying to communicate with because it’s in the back of your mind that they are calling you every dirty name in their language with a smile on their face.

Let’s face it America. We were accepted in every country in the world as leaders or equals in the past not as the low life most of the world treats us now. Let’s put this degradation of our great country in the hands that it belongs in, the self-enriching greedy politicians we have in office today. The world sees them as people who don’t even respect the people that are paying their wages and can be bought by any country that has an interest in stealing taxpayer dollars by the defunct trade laws.

So come on America, let’s get behind our next president Mr. Donald Trump and watch who in the Senate doesn’t support him in his efforts to make America great again. Remember, the public votes again in two years for some elected officials; if they vote against him on things that will get this country back on the right track, we don’t need them in office any longer, and it really doesn’t matter whether you are a Democrat or Republican.

We the voters are the ones that showed the news media and special interest people who gets elected.

Bob Snider


Political wonders never cease

Flabbergasted, that’s the word.

I find it almost unfathomable that there are that many utterly stupid people out there thinking they should run my country when they send what they consider private communications via the “WWW,” then act surprised to discover the first “W” is “world?”

Barry Vaughn


Recreational marijuana spells disaster for Nevada

Marijuana, according to the Webster Dictionary,” is an intoxicating drug obtained from the hemp plant.”

I still cannot believe the “recreational” marijuana thing! How could more than 50 percent of the Nevada voters think we need that stuff for “recreational” purposes? Are there really that many people in Nevada who need to be “happied up” using artificial means or is that just a fluke? Did voting for the weed go off its track somewhere along the way? Or are there really so many secret users in the book of “who’s who” in Nevada that the vote carried?

Maybe the people who moved here from California swayed the vote. Some of those folks come here to get away from California and its craziness, then they want Nevada to change to the California ways of doing things. What’s up with that?

Another thing that is puzzling is that preparations were already being made for recreational marijuana even before the vote happened. Did the instigators know something that we non-users did not know? Now, when the more potent marijuana is available, the risks of auto accidents, visits to the emergency rooms, child deaths from marijuana “candy,” and many other untold tragedies, directly linked to the drug, will be commonplace.

One would think that Nevada people would learn of the negative happenings in Colorado with recreational marijuana and shun it but apparently not so. Remember, more than 50 percent of the people in Nevada seemingly voted for it.

Nancy Laird

Carson City

Ominous tidings from Trump Tower

While watching the morning news lately, I noticed two pigeons arrive at a bird feeder in my backyard. Each one of them, exhausted, dropped a note on the ground.

Curious, I went out to investigate what turned out to be “breaking news” from Trump Tower in New York City and was signed “Donald J. Trump, sent by courier.”

One message read: “Warning, don’t get sick or injured because Obamacare will end at 6 p.m. Jan. 20.”

The other pigeon dropped a message stating: “Relax, I know more than 17 intelligence agencies and I know Russia did not hack my country,­ the one I will make great again, believe me.”

There was also a footnote: “I will make the USA the most secure, safe and poverty ridden nation in the world, believe me.”

Both courier pigeons asked me for asylum.

Wendell Newman

Carson City

Real reason Democrats lost presidential election

Since the November elections there has been an overabundance of claims in regards to the hacking of the election process. One thing that has been notably absent in these stories/reports is any actual evidence that the election results were affected at all.

Lots of speculation but no evidence. President Obama took the step of expelling some Russian diplomats because emails of the Clinton campaign and the DNC were hacked due to careless behavior of campaign adviser, John Podesta. The actual tenor and tone of those emails was largely ignored by the mainstream media, since they reflected poorly on the Clinton campaign.

Something President Obama never did though, was to expel any Chinese diplomats when it was revealed that the Chinese government hacked into government entities, Office of Personnel Management (OPM), to name one and stole the personal information of millions of American citizens. No Democrat hand wringing, no calls for expulsion or sanctions, just the sound of crickets.

Now we are hearing about “fake” news and how it and Facebook are to blame, as though American citizens are too dumb to research information and just blindly accept everything on Facebook or other social media sites as the gospel truth.

Maybe Democrats should just accept the realization that they nominated a dishonest and untrustworthy candidate and that is why they lost the election.

David Knighton

Carson City