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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, July 8, 2018

Seniors should get a shingles shot

All seniors who have had chicken pox should get a shingles shot. If they don’t know if they had chicken pox they should get the shot. My neighbor didn’t and he got shingles. This is a very painful rash but that is not the worst result. He got a spinal infection caused by the chicken pox virus. He lost the use of both arms and legs and was three days from dying when he was diagnosed and treated. He is in rehab and will be for months.

Walt Ratchford

Carson City

Seniors shouldn’t have to pay property taxes

As all of you are aware, our government took the people’s money from Social Security and spent it. They also took the people’s money from the federal retirees and spent it. They will never replace the money that was ours, not theirs.

The feds came up with a formula for a raise for Social Security recipients. Usually, the raise will cover the rise in Medicare with occasionally a little left over.

Our state government passed a law that raises our property taxes annually. At some point the retirees can pay their taxes or eat. Eventually they can give up their home. I’m asking that our state government pass a new law that will do something for the people that made this state: At age 65 you no longer have to pay property taxes. Several of our states have done this.

Now comes all the hand wringing and worry about the money lost. Taxable sales are up. Gaming is up. The drug industry is making millions. We also are spending a billion dollars on a palace for the Oakland Raiders to have a place to play their kids game.

Remember, these are the seniors who spent their lives supporting Nevada. State government, do something for them. Show them that you really care.

Calvin Potts

Carson City

Those here illegally damage country

Families belong together protest: Families belong together march, Move On, National Democratic Workers Alliance, Democratic Party and the compliant media were quick to organize the 700-plus marches this past weekend, hoping they could make it an election issue by tying it to President Trump. This was to protest the 2,000 children separated temporarily from their parents for crossing U.S. borders illegally (it was the law) Trump signed an executive order that ended the long standing practice of splitting up parents & kids & his administration will now detain families together & seeks to do so into future.

This was not enough for some leading Democrats as they encouraged civil disobedience and even called for ending ICE enforcement and open borders. The Democrats and the media completely ignored in their rush to blame Trump for the treatment of 2,000 foreign children, when the real displacement of the children was happening in U.S. In 2016 parent incarceration resulted in separations of 21,000/year. Adding in other criminal behavior the number skyrockets, Drug abuse 100,000/year, physical abuse 33,000/year, neglect 166,000/year, rest (child behavior, housing, alcohol abuse-parents, abandonment, sexual abuse, drug abuse–child, death, child disability 100,000/year. On top of that the permanent separation via 650,000 apportions/year. Disingenuous at a minimum.

Like the pictures of separated children taken in 2014 intended to hurt Trump. They have no issues on economy, foreign policy (doing great in those areas). They stand for open borders, elimination of ICE, free college education (no way to pay for it). Increasing taxes and against anything Trump no matter how beneficial to U.S. Consider this when voting this fall.

I would call to question the grandstanding trip to the border by our Sen. Cortez Masto and Senate candidate Jacky Rosen. Shouldn’t their priorities be with treatment of U.S. citizens first?

Mark Tarvainen


I Am a River

I awoke from my frozen sleep

When the first drop left my brow

And unlocked me from my cold prison

The rivulets trickled down my body and

Began the long, long journey

My power grew as I tumbled

From fall to fall, crashing

Into boulders that changed my form

But could not hold me back

As I slowed and entered the meadow

The sun pulled parts of me upward

And the river bottom sucked me downward

Into the skin of the earth

At last I was engulfed by the sea

And once more joined by brothers,

But not for long because the sun

Beckoned me to heaven

And gave me cloudy wings.

Again I fall to earth and kissed

The highest mountains, where

The cold air changed me into slabs of ice.

And so I slept again, waiting for

The day when I would become once more a river.

Gene Giudice

Carson City