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Letters to the editor for Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gun-free zones won’t work

I would like to comment on a letter about gun-free zones. Why is there an increasing amount of gun-free zones? So signs are really going to stop a crazed killer? Really, how stupid can you be?

Wake up and smell the coffee. Neither a sign nor background check will work. If they worked, why are there people still dying? Any person who puts a sign like that is just asking for it, and as far as feeling safer in a gun free-zone, are they really that safe?

Most of it are homicidal maniacs. Show me a fact that drugs are the blame. Yes, some do go off their medication and go crazy. It didn’t make them crazy; they were already that way at the beginning.

Here’s a wacky solution: take away all guns except police. See where that takes us. Yes, the hunters and the NRA would pitch a fit. But it might save some lives. And that’s what’s important.

Ruth Berg

Carson City

Keep New York out of Nevada

Gov. Sandoval vetoed an attempt in the last legislative session by New York Mayor Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” to not allow private firearms transactions in Nevada.

Now Bloomberg’s henchmen are back in Nevada with bundles of cash and a couple of Democrat party activists fronting for them to pass a ballot initiative, de facto universal gun registration.

Note the irony of this group’s left wing co-religionists working with liberal judges to vacate voter approved ballot initiatives that banned gay marriage in 30 states, nullifying the votes of 63 percent of California’s black voters who resented the phony equivalency to mixed-race marriages. Now they’re hypocritically adopting the same process to dismantle our Second Amendment rights.

Bloomberg’s Nevada posse is citing phony poll numbers approving of their scheme, but no proof that universal background checks would actually prevent crime. That’s because there isn’t any. It’s a politically correct civil wrong perpetrated on law abiding Nevadans.

Lynn Muzzy


Give president a chance to lead

For about 250 years now, this country has, at least in its own eyes, been the beacon of hope to the entire world. A country that can for once in human history show the results of true “freedom.” To be an example of human achievement for the rest of the world.

We hold public elections to ensure we keep the very best at the helm. Up until 2008, there have been 43 different elected presidents. These men were the cream of the crop among our citizens. The best educated, most religious, most compassionate, wealthiest, the best minds to lead our nation and its citizens to its finest potential future. The one thing all these great men had in common is that they were white.

So where were we in 2008 after having such great leadership? Two ongoing wars, financial collapse, 300 million handguns on the streets, global warming, 12 percent unemployment, eight hour voting lines, millionaires buying politicians, health epidemics, bulging prisons, daily environmental accidents and on and on.

So finally we break the chain and elect a black president. But at the same time we have a group of very influential white politicians meeting to confirm that everything possible will be done to make sure this president fails. That becomes the number one item on the agenda, regardless of what the citizens think should be number one. There’s no work being done on immigration, income equality, gun reform, tax reform or anything else because these politicians know more about priorities than the people they serve.

Too bad the president can’t just go around these white wonders and press a few buttons that might say “vote by mail/online,” “multi level flat tax,” “eliminate Social Security contribution cap,” “legalize cannabis,” “raise minimum wage,” “no lobbyists allowed,” “no more war,” “higher taxes on alcohol and firearms,” “immigration reform,” “money is not a person” amongst a few others, But those buttons are well guarded by generations of elite white men who know and are using every trick in the book, so I don’t expect much.

So, as you sip on you Fox News Kool-Aid day after day, don’t wonder why you’re not feeling so good about what your president has been able to do.

William Adams


After sale, take down garage sale signs

As the weather improves, there are more and more garage sales going on. I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of people posting their signs all over town and not removing them at the end of the day!

And what happens to these signs? The wind comes along and they become litter! And they are unsightly.

Here’s my suggestion — anyone that wants to have a garage or yard sale must purchase a permit for $5. Not a lot of money. If they don’t remove their signs at the end of the weekend, they get fined $50. The permit fee and fine can help fund the graffiti patrol to remove this litter.

Whatever the solution, something needs to be done about this eyesore.

Sue Brattain

Carson City

Summer is here, drive safely around crosswalks

It is going to get hot this coming week and we can expect to see more bicycle, moped, and motorcycle riders out and about trying to keep cool in the summer heat. In addition, we will also see an increase in pedestrians as school is out and many children are on foot as they travel to locations within the city.

With this in mind, it is crucial that operators of all motorized vehicles pay particular attention to crosswalks as you approach them. For those of you who operate motorcycles and mopeds, pay attention to the vehicles in front of you and maintain a safe distance so that you can react quickly in the event a car stops in front of you for a pedestrian.

Failure to do so can lead to a crash which can send you flying onto the roadway and injure more than just your pride. Thinking of drinking and riding? Think again — alcohol can affect your judgment and reflexes. You need both if you are going to make it home safely.

The choice is yours — enjoy the summer with barbecues, beach time, and friends, or spend the time at home recovering from a crash. Make the right choice and have a great summer.

Sgt. Scott McDaniel

Carson City Sheriff’s Office