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Letters to the editor for Sunday, May 11, 2014

Work ethic, logic among Reedy’s assets

I am so pleased that Robin Reedy is running for Assembly District 39 in Douglas County where I live. I’ve known Robin for over 25 years. Her work ethic, logical and thoughtful decision making and commitment to openness and listening make her a superb candidate.

A long-time Douglas County resident, Robin is the most qualified candidate to represent the people of Douglas County. She has the wisdom and judgment as well as years of work and volunteer experience that will equip her to make the tough decisions.

In a variety of positions, Robin has constantly sought creative solutions. She listens to all sides and makes her decisions based on the best interests of the entire constituency, not only as an echo chamber of like-minded folks. She understands that she represents everyone in the district as well as the people of the entire state.

Robin has an accounting degree and background that allowed her to serve us for over nine years in the Nevada Treasurer’s Office eventually serving as Chief Deputy Treasurer. She has also served with the Department of Business and Industry and understands the necessity and requirements of bringing businesses to Nevada. In each of these positions, she earned the respect of those with whom she worked and the citizens she served.

At a time when the GOP brand has suffered mightily, Robin is a breath of fresh air. She has my full support and I highly recommend that you consider supporting her too.

Betty Hertz


Consider divorce vs. gay-marriage laws

Divorce is against the law of God, but allowed, and Christian churches are not required to participate. Same-sex weddings are against the law of God, but allowed, and Christian churches should not be required to participate.

Don R. Drake

Carson City

Politicians clueless about what they take

I propose a tax that I believe most would agree would not affect anyone with morals or character. I propose that we tax the campaign reelection funds when a politician retires. Currently they get all the money when they retire tax free. Harry Reid’s is over $15 million. Let’s tax it like capital gains at say 75 percent and put the money back into Social Security. Since both parties stole from it, both parties should pay.

Politicians have no concept of paying what they took back. Their answer is always to have us work longer and get less when we do retire. And if they die before they retire, Social Security gets 100 percent. It only seems fair to me.

Rob Cobb, Jr.

Carson City

Curse or praise God? The choice is obvious

Former comedians Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Lucille Ball, George and Gracie Burns were all funny without using God’s name in vain. Now however, God’s name is part of our everyday vernacular, such as “God this,” “God that,” and everybody’s favorite, “OMG.”

“OMG” should be used to praise and honor God. Period. But think of this, when you are standing before God when you die, will “OMG” be just a saying to you, or a sign of love?

Mike Timmerman


Don’t pander to ‘elders’; we carry equal value

I am a senior citizen, or, as the IRS likes to refer to me, part of the “working elderly.” And yes, I have numerous wrinkles.

I am not senile, nor do I have one foot in the grave (that I know of). My hairstyle is modern, and I dress fairly current, or, as my brother once said, “not like Mom dressed when she was your age.” I have great posture and inwardly do not feel old (until I accidentally turn on my phone and the camera is pointing at my face!).

So, I do see what you all see, but remember that saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

We know you mean well; however, when I am condescendingly, albeit pleasantly, addressed as “honey or sweetie” or told, “Oh, you’re so cute,” it makes my wrinkled skin crawl. I know how to work the card swipe machine at checkout and don’t need step-by-step instructions on which button to push, all in that hushed, “now honey this is how it works,” tone of voice.

So, please, give old folks the benefit of the doubt. Talk normally to “us,” as you would your peers. Then, and only then, if confusion is detected, by all means adopt the “sweetie, honey, you’re so cute” persona. Younger people don’t realize you too will be “us” someday, so this is your wake-up call. Hopefully, I speak for many of “us” who have experienced this.

CJ Ojanpera


Young generation has the power to change

Chuck Muth had an excellent column in the May 9th edition of the Nevada Appeal, the only problem was he was peaching to the chior, instead of the younger generation who are all wrapped up in their IPads and electronic devices.

They are the ones who should be aware of just how bad our new ObamaCare is and try to get someone elected who can fix it. Why aren’t the Republican suggesting that individual pay into a HealthCare account each payday which if not used can be put into a Savings Account at the end of the year. The company would benefit, as well as tghe individual, since they could deduct this is a business expense.

And please, someone should stop Obama from whecking our Foreign Policy before it’s beyond repair.Instead of being respected as a SuperPower we been degraded to a Third Power Nation statis What has happened to our Nucleur Defenses. If the country would have accepted Reagans Star Wars idea, by now we could have prefected it, so that we could shoot down incoming Balistic Missiles. Will it take another Pearl Harbor too wake up everyone.

Neil Powers

Carson City