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Letters to the editor for Sunday, May 13, 2018

Armed adults in schools can effectively protect students

I am writing this to address the May 6 article by Ryan J. Foley and Larry Fenn of the Associated Press concerning the consequences of arming adults in schools. As a retired peace officer, I submit their argument is flawed and extreme in its left wing anti-gun position. They claim that due to a small number of accidents, which have occurred as a result of armed individuals in schools, we should leave our children and teachers defenseless to those who would choose to pick “gun-free zones” as their killing field.

Accidents and carelessness happen within the armed community, whether it be at a law enforcement agency or civilian use. I have been shot by a ricochet during tactical training. Do I believe that because I was injured we should stop all tactical training?

When taking into account how many schools are in this country, the number of accidents are minuscule. I, along with many law enforcement officers, believe having an armed presence in our schools is a huge deterrent. Most mass shooters have chosen “soft” targets because they know they will not be quickly challenged by another armed individual. The old saying, “when you need police in seconds, they’re minutes away” is not fiction.

Don’t fall into the narrative that guns will be more dangerous in our schools than armed defenders. Don’t leave our teachers and children with nothing to defend themselves. Anyone chosen to carry concealed weapons in our schools needs to be well trained and dedicated to protecting and defending our children. Children should not have to be in fear while obtaining their education. The left wants to use these shootings to push its anti-Second Amendment agenda.

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Lynn Rader


Nevada needs conscientious voters

Election time is flooding the airwaves and making things unbearable to either watch TV or listen to the radio. Out of all of the advertisements for the various political positions open, personally I have not seen one I would vote for or would have making or signing laws for the state. In my opinion, I would guess the majority of them are from out of state. That is a problem Nevada has — not enough native Nevadans who know the people and their issues.

A lot of them want to run the state their way or the California way. That is where we need a wall, between California and Nevada.

You have a person who was a waitress and now a software designer running for the U.S. Senate — she will never make it.

Two people for governor — the lady who is running, never heard of her. The conservative Democrat from Vegas — never heard of him either, and I would not vote for either one of them.

I do not trust “conservative Democrats.” Come to think of it, I don’t trust “conservative Republicans” either. This guy is anti-Trump, Laxalt, NRA and wants to outlaw certain guns in the state. Isn’t that what the Nazis did in Germany to the Jews prior to and during World War II? I think the Chinese did the same in China and several others communist countries have done the same.

When you vote … think about it and do it wisely. Don’t turn us into a third world country.

Bill Pyatt


Lawful use of opioids shouldn’t be demonized

In response to the recent commentary from Kimm Dora:

Thank you, Kimm, for expressing my thoughts, too. I have had chronic pain for many years. Gratefully, I have doctors understanding that, even after back surgery with extension infusions, I am still in pain.

I am not a person with addiction problems. I also use my opioids only as needed on days I can hardly stand and walk. I also have been on Gabapentin for years to help, but it is not enough to make many days bearable.

Thank you for speaking out for us.

Neda Cancaro

Carson City