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Letters to the editor for Sunday, May 27, 2018

LaSor’s opinions could benefit from facts

My hat is off to Mr. Rick Van Alfen. Kudos on a letter well thought out and well written. Your observations regarding Fred LaSor are spot on.

As a contributing writer to the opinion section of the Appeal, I also find his “opinions” less than factual.

To be fair, his opinions are his opinions and he is entitled to express them. However, in this age of “fake news,” one should at least attempt to be factual even if one sees the world in a myopic fashion.

When an individual is myopic, they are unable or unwilling to act prudently and are typically shortsighted. They also lack tolerance and are usually narrow-minded. All of these descriptors fit Mr. LaSor like a well-tailored suit.

Assuming he is correct regarding Hillary’s “shady dealings,” she is but a small shadow consumed by the evilness, malignant narcissism and lying Trump.

Expressing my opinion for a moment, our nation has never known or experienced such vile and underhanded deeds as has been displayed during the past year and 122 days as of this writing.

I pray that our democracy will survive his ineptness.

Joel Flamenbaum

Carson City


The land,

The sea,

The air,

People are fighting for you and me …

Leaving their homes

To protect everyone

Their lives are on the line

To keep us safe

Many wounded

Many hurt in different ways

May dying

Many dead

From those of the past

To those of today

The sacrifices are real

For each one of them and their families

Our country is blessed

Our country is great

Because of all our brave

Heroes in public service

Lorraine Jackson


Trump drowning in tide of Russia investigation

Czar Trump constantly tries to kill the Russia investigation, but now it has become a situation he’s not going to escape.

He sees the writing on the wall, like King Nebuchadnezzar, and is fallen like Saul.

History will remember his profane “Cult of PseudoChristians” and how they sowed racial discord, poisoned the Earth and allowed the daily slaughter of blacks and school children.

Woe to those who ignorantly follow him, too blind to see their country being sold right out from under them to the highest bidder … to foreign entities, the NRA and the GOP.

Pharisees’ blood money stains his soul. Wake up and save your country!

Robin Christy

Carson City