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Letters to the editor for Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017

Willow reindeer time: It’s all about the children

You might have noticed the lighted reindeer that show up along Highway 395 from Reno to Gardnerville. Chances are you know a child who helped make one of those reindeer. They were made in classrooms in Reno, Carson City, Minden and Gardnerville under the guidance of Willow Bill.

Reindeer are displayed in the town in which they were made so the children can see them. In Reno they get blue lights and are at UNR; in Carson they are at the Capitol, Nevada State Museum, legislative lawn and such; they are in front of the Douglas County Museum and the junction of 395 and 88.

Next year they will join the herd along the highway, which is 1,500 strong. The reindeer with red, white and blue lights are a tribute to veterans and those currently serving.

All of this was inspired years ago by 2-year-old Jasmine Whitbeck. With hands on hips, she confronted her parent’s friend, Willow Bill, with the question: Why don’t you make reindeer? Finally she and Willow Bill made a reindeer. He then went into his son’s classroom and made a reindeer. The kids loved it, and the tradition was started.

Willow Bill spends four months going into classrooms to make reindeer with students. It is a fun, fast-paced session in safety, respect, self-esteem, math and history. The kids are engaged and each signs their name on their class reindeer.

A lot of volunteers are needed to help set up the reindeer and take them down, as well as help maintain the herd (removing burned-out strands and restringing). It is a fun way to get involved in this fabulous project.

For information and to volunteer, call Willow Bill at 775-842-3594.

Cary Ingbar

Volunteer willow reindeer herdsman

Alabama Senate race should be a no-brainer

What a dilemma for the quick-witted Alabamans. Democrat Doug Jones, who prosecuted and secured convictions of former KKK members for the murder of four African-American girls in a Baptist church in Birmingham, Ala., 1963. Or there is Roy Moore. The alleged child-dating, homosexual-hating, race-baiting, Bible-quoting, gun-toting, suppress-voting red neck suspended from the Alabama Supreme Court not once, but twice for defying federal laws. Should be a close race.

There is a lot for Jones to overcome. Moore does not believe Americans get their rights from our Bill of Rights or the Constitution. Those rights only come from his God. Plain and simple.

This is plain and simple. Moore deserves to be tossed into the Christian Republican pool currently occupied by Wall of Shame hypocrites Ted Haggard, Jimmy (“I have sinned”) Swaggart, Jim (Florida hotel) Bakker, Larry (bathroom stall) Craig, Mark (page boy) Foley, Oral (the Tower) Roberts, and our very own favorite son, the poster boy of adultery, John Ensign. I could give you dozens “Moore,” but the A-list of these pious and sanctimonious cretins should be sufficient. How about “locking them up?”

If Moore does win the Senate race in Alabama, then I do believe that our education system is severely malfunctioning in certain areas of our country. And I will call for an immediate investigation into the horrific rumors that massive Caucasian inbreeding is still very much alive in the Land of Dixie. Cue the banjos from “Deliverance.”

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City

Regarding Las Vegas shooting lawsuits

I know the Las Vegas shooting was horrible and probably unavoidable. That said, now everyone remotely connected with the venue is being sued.

I think it’s time we all lock ourselves in our houses, or sign releases before we go to any public gathering.

Judith Wooley


Heller’s veterans resource guide isn’t helpful

I received a copy of Nevada veterans Resource Book from Sen. Dean Heller. It is typical of what comes out of Washington, D.C. — quantity but not quality at great expense to taxpayers.

The book is 108 pages, 14 pages of pictures of Heller without captions that add nothing to assist a veteran.

Fifteen of the pages are less than half full. Fifty of the pages have resources that few vets would ever use. Those resources could be put on a website. That information is also available by calling the senators and other officials who have veterans aides.

The two main concerns for veterans are healthcare and transportation. Healthcare is in the table of contents, but the information is scattered throughout on other pages.

Transportation is not listed in the table of contents. Transportation is listed twice for Ely and Elko.

Additionally, the Neighbor Network of Northern Nevada is listed for transportation, but the Neighboring.org website listed doesn’t have a contact for rides. Their phone number does not have a voice mail setup.

I made a one-page, two-sided veterans guide that has 12 phone numbers for transportation for veterans in Nevada.

Also, it has medical facilities and contacts for federal and state elected officials. This has more usable information, is easier to read and the cost is minimal.

Anyone who wants a copy of my veterans guide can email me at wratchford32@aol.com.

I appreciate what Heller is trying to do for our veterans, but I don’t appreciate him wasting taxpayer dollars that could be better used elsewhere.

Walt Ratchford

Carson City