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Letters to the editor for Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013

Shutdown, reactions to it are shameful

People are whining about the government shutdown, blaming the party across the aisle. The sheer volume of stupidity is mind numbing. The best quotes I’ve heard regarding the current governmental situation came from a person who doesn’t live in this country and a child who asked what everyone was talking about:

“So what is happening is two groups of people refuse to compromise, and as a result your government is shutdown? Can that actually happen?” — a colleague from Portugal.

“If we are supposed to share, why can’t grown-ups?” — an obviously wise 8 year old.

That is precisely what it is. You can blame Republicans or Democrats or Tea Party, but at the end of the day it boils down to just two very powerful groups of people refusing to give an inch and acting like children. Yes, there are plenty of people who support (insert position here), but there are also plenty of people who do not. That is what Americans do, and we task politicians (as elected officials) with building a compromise that works, not toeing the line until the other side gives in.

By all means, keep watching (insert biased media) or reading (insert sensationalist web media) and perpetuating the entire state of incompetence. I am ashamed of our government and ashamed of the reaction of its people.

Carlynann Johnson Sandell


Children, parents split earlier than in the past

Kate Duvall stated she was very upset about the schools having full-day kindergarten classes. It was obvious that she is not aware that most of these children, if they have working parents, have probably been in full-time day care or preschool since about 2 or 3.

Kindergarten classes in today’s world have to go beyond teaching colors, numbers and shapes. They start to learn to read, have computer classes and more. I thought it was about time the school districts caught up with the rest of the country.

Parenting is a full time job whether the children are in school or not. Our society has forced a two-income family, so children have been separated from their parents earlier than when we were growing up.

Barbara Phelan

Carson City

Republicans deflect blame for shutdown

How can conservative Republicans keep a straight face as they accuse the president of causing the government shutdown? Recently, I noted several letters to the Appeal editor and national news articles with Conservatives trying to shift the blame off to the president and Democrats. The conservatives must think most Americans are naïve.

Democrats believe that government is essential to guarantee opportunities for all, including low income and middle class families. Republicans since Reagan have been deriding government workers and government policies. So now they have gleefully shut down the U.S. government. So why are they not standing up and taking credit? Why not explain to Americans how the government shutdown is going to be good for America even as we face the daily problems that result from the shutdown?

John Hartley


Take responsibility for your own children

Hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, camping. Church activities include mentoring and social services. Schools offer sports programs, music, social and arts clubs. Volunteer at an animal rescue shelter.

It’s easy to father a child or become a mother. It is another story to actually be a father or be a mother to a child. It’s called parenting.

Quit whining, and get involved in your child’s life, and quit looking for somebody else to babysit your kids.

Michael Conroy

Carson City

Kudos for criticism of relying on substitutes

Middle-school student Hannah Golik should be highly commended for her address to the Carson City School Board in regards to the district relying so heavily on substitute teachers. Unfortunately, Sen. Reid and President Obama would call you cold-hearted, selfish and unpatriotic for your stance.

Don’t you realize this $10 million grant is an investment in our children? You and the other high-achieving students in our school district need to suck it up for the greater good. Don’t you understand that being successful in school hurts the self-esteem of those we consider victims? President Carter gave as us the Department of Education, and after 34 years and billions of dollars a handful of Carson City teachers are going to come up with a unifying curriculum that will solve all the problems in our public schools.

I sincerely extend all my best wishes to you, Hannah, in all your future endeavors. P.S. Welcome to the Republican Party.

Gary Schulz

Carson City