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Letters to the editor for Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016

Support of Campagni vital to Carson

I represented Dick Campagni regarding Carson City’s Commitment Agreement for Continued Business Operation that has allowed Carson to retain the Campagni car dealerships and the significant sales tax revenue that helped Carson weather the recent difficult economic times.

In 2015, sales taxes were approximately 32 percent of total General Fund Revenue or $20 million. Approximately 27 percent of that amount ($5.5 million) was from car sales. Campagni’s dealerships were responsible for more than 25 percent of that sales tax revenue ($1.5 million) or nearly 8 percent of the total sales tax revenue.

The program to retain the franchised auto dealers has been responsible for the success and expansion of virtually all the major dealerships in Carson. Recently the Supervisors approved an amendment to Campagni’s Agreement that extended the commitment to continue operating the dealerships in Carson into 2034. In addition to extending this commitment by five years, the amendment provided the Capital Ford dealership with some compensation to offset the more than $1 million spent to update the facility on South Carson Street.

Mayor Crowell has long been a supporter of incentives to retain Carson’s businesses that fund the services provided by local government. Crowell understands the importance of sale taxes to the financial health of local governments. Crowell’s support of the recent amendment to Carson’s agreement with Campagni is an illustration of his understanding of the economics of local government. Mayor Crowell has a long-term perspective about this community and he truly wants what is best for the residents. This vision for the future coupled with his knowledge of the economics that are necessary to make that vision a reality are what have made Mayor Crowell such an effective leader.

James R. Cavilia

Carson City

Local student weighs in on election

As an eighth-grader and a citizen of the United States who is too young to vote, I think that Donald Trump should not be allowed in our White House. I think this because he is reckless and makes decision based on what the person did in their past. An example of this is how he has attacked Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State.

Also, he has changed his mind on many different things based upon the public’s support.

Brock Eckery

Carson City

Chris Carver is unfit for mayor

Chris Carver would not make a suitable, or even acceptable, mayor. Before Lori Bagwell appointed me to the Board of Equalization, Carver published articles declaring me unqualified for the position without taking the time to delve into my resume nor to do any research whatsoever on my qualifications. Carver jumped to the conclusion that my appointment was nepotistic because Brad Bonkowski, who recused himself from my unanimous appointment and who Carver frequently criticizes, is my stepfather.

I’m in a unique position to see the amount of time Brad dedicates to preparing for Supervisor meetings. He pours over packets in excess of a full ream of paper on a biweekly basis to ensure that he makes educated, well-informed decisions, often taking time out of family vacations to sit in the hotel room reading over material. I spent less time doing homework in college than Brad spends reading exceedingly dry proposals and contracts. Being related to Brad does not make me unqualified; in fact, I’m better-suited for the Board of Equalization because of the traits I’ve learned from him. The most important quality of anyone hoping to sit on the Board of Supervisors is a dedication to the facts.

Chris Carver proved, by writing such horribly nasty things about me, that he is incapable of taking the time to do any research whatsoever and thus that he would make a grotesquely biased and uninformed mayor.

Vote for Mayor Bob Crowell, who votes based on facts instead of a personal vendetta.

Mallory Wilson

Carson City

Kaepernick’s protest was carelessly disrespectful

I know the person who creates a problem nationwide never sees the backlash and, of course, doesn’t care. Example: Kaepernick.

If he is so unhappy with our country’s police, etc., perhaps he should do some research on his family. I am sure being black, he has forefathers who came from Africa. He thinks his race is so abused in our America, go back to their homeland and see who makes millions as he does. No one apparently has ever spoken to his parents. What are their thoughts?

He could also take his millions and dole it out to all his unfortunates. Demonstrate all you want, Mr. Kaepernick, just don’t tread on my flag that my husband from World War II and millions through the years that our country has been in existence fought so that you can sit on your rear or kneel.

What should happen to you is kicked off the team, but I know that would never happen.

Agnes Williams

Carson City

Gary Johnson for president

Judging from recent mainstream media pronouncements, it seems reasonable to say that there are those who would vote for Hillary because she’s not Donald, and equally there are those who would vote for Donald because he’s not Hillary. Both statements and the media behavior assume there’s no use voting for “someone who can’t possibly win.”

I deny their assumption. I plan to vote for Gary Johnson because not doing so implies that I think my fellow Americans are too blind to see through the media’s smoke and mirrors. An insult I’m certain they do not deserve.

Michael Goldeen

Carson City