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Letters to the editor for Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016

‘Pooling’ resources

A few months after retiring and moving from Michigan to our new home in Dayton in January 1989, I began swimming three days a week at the Carson Aquatic Facility — a schedule I’ve maintained to this day. As a former Masters swimmer, I was delighted to have such a nice pool so close to home, and have formed lasting friendships among swimmers I met at the waters edge.

I was overjoyed when outdoor Olympic pool was added, and rejoiced yet again when the big pool enclosed and the old pool converted for outdoor use.

I marveled at the skill with which Kurt Meyer attended to the water purification system, the water temperature and the optimum chemical balance, as well as general maintenance such as clean floor surfaces, functional toilets, showers, and hot water system, along with well regulated ambient temperatures; but over the years the walls and floor of the big tank have been deteriorating, and cry out for a major overhaul.

Responding to my query, Kurt estimated the cost of such an undertaking at about $165,000, with the cost rising the longer the work is deferred. “But,” he added, “we jut don’t have the money.”

While I applaud the efforts of Nick Marano and the Board of Supervisors for their response to swimmers’ call for action, I believe a financial plan for funding the tank overhaul should be developed as well.

I hope I’ll live to see the rejuvenation take place; but at age 93, time’s a wastin’!

Warren R. “Randy” Morgan


Message to beer bottle barbarians

To the low-life jerk(s) who have habitually tossed green Heineken beer bottles onto Bonanza Drive, and lately Modelo Especial beer bottles onto Imus Lane … just stop it!

Not only are you breaking the law by drinking and driving, you’re compounding those offenses with littering and vandalism of the streets, the bike lanes and sidewalks with shattered glass.

This is a nice neighborhood. People walk all the time … they walk their dogs, they ride their bikes. I can’t tell you how many times I have swept up your garbage. Your sub-human behavior is dangerous and tiresome. I can only wish that you drive yourself into a tree and toss your sorry butt out of your car, hurting only yourself in the process. Maybe that will curb your reckless, stupid, and idiotic behavior.

Go get some mental help and stay out of my neighborhood.

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City

Beware of scams, poor business practices

Seniors (and others): Beware! There have been a lot of attempted scams lately some of which have targeted me, i.e. your grandson has been arrested in Mexico and needs bail money, you have won $25,000 if you just send a money order to this P.O. box, the IRS is suing you so call this number to straighten it out. It’s all baloney as you have read in this newspaper.

In addition, I have been subjected to business practices that I believe are meant to confuse the consumer. A dentist sent me a letter advising I had ‘X’ amount of dollars left on my insurance, so why don’t I make an appointment to spend this money before year’s end. Why? My teeth are fine.

Magazines automatically renew your subscription even though they do send notification they are going to do so. That letter often ends up in my “I’ll get to it later” pile to be completely forgotten.

A medical supply company calls with an automated message that says, “Please hold for a representative.” I hang up. Saves them time, but not my time. The latest involved Care Credit which offers interest-free advances for some medical bills for a period of time. They just informed me they are upgrading my card to a Master Card for which I have no use. I had to call to cancel.

The onus is on me and you to take action or we will continue to be used. I already fired the dentist and am considering my options in other areas.

Russel J. Reaver

Carson City

Annual Camel & Ostrich Races: A cruel spectacle

In 2016, why in the world are camels and ostriches being forced to run around a track for the public’s “entertainment?”

In the desert where they belong, camels live in social herds. Mother camels are devoted to their babies. Young camels used in novelty displays like racing are taken from their nurturing mothers when they are only days old. Camels fare very poorly when they are hauled around in transport trailers and forced to participate in events that can be confusing and frightening.

Ostriches are not designed to “race.” They panic when people are strapped to their backs. These animals are not anatomically built to carry the weight of a human being. During “ostrich races,” abnormal stress is placed on their bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Camels and birds deserve respect, not to be exploited as entertainment props. It’s time for Virginia City to put this cruel spectacle to rest.

Jennifer O’Connor

Norfolk, Va.

Vintage at Kings Canyon is wrong for Carson City

I am appalled that the developer of the Vintage at Kings Canyon has been allowed to play fast and loose with our Master Plan and zoning regulations in order to place a commercial enterprise in the middle of a strictly residential neighborhood.

This exclusive, high-priced and discriminatory 55-plus-only compound in one of Carson City’s last large open spaces will be surrounded by a six-foot iron fence with only a few gates and some new roads cutting through peaceful dead-end streets.

Other than a small park and a jogging/bike trail around the perimeter, Carson City residents will not be permitted to take advantage of the amenities. Having restaurants and other businesses within the compound will contribute little to our downtown economy.

Outside of the compound, long-time homeowners will be subjected to light pollution, stress on our scarce water supply, increased traffic from 24/7 shift workers and drivers unaccustomed to snow. Our emergency services are already overburdened. What will these new residents do when doctors refuse to take them as patients because they’re on Medicare? Or when they discover that 911 doesn’t respond to coyote howls? I am writing to the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors to urge them to vote NO on this project.

Suzanne Fox

Carson City

On regional expansion: Quality of life makes all the difference

After 30 years of recruiting most of the 140 manufacturers in Carson City, 70 in Douglas County, 85 in Mound House and 18 in Dayton, the expansions are countless.

The commercial real estate column by “office experts” and a Board of Supervisor, Brad Bonkowski and his partner, Andie Wilson, had great info.

But the truth is, testimonials are No. 1 followed by quality of life. We all have our own definition of quality of life. That’s why we all live and work throughout the region. It depends on the client; transportation and state incentives are almost never on their list. Just check out our dozens of news releases or monthly newsletters or breakfast meetings … NVBizconnect.com.

Kris Holt

Nevada Business Connections