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Letters to the editor for Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013

Let students continue to express uniqueness

I am opposed to the idea that my child must wear a school uniform at a public elementary school. As most students are excited for fall to begin and a new school year on the rise, it wasn’t the case for my family this year. Once the education office opened, we found out that it was mandatory for her to wear a uniform at a public elementary school. I did my parental duty and purchased the famous uniform: polos, slacks, and cardigan. Even though my child wasn’t thrilled to say the least.

But it was to my dismay the following week when I picked my daughter up from school that she started clueing me in that other students were making fun of her shoes and backpack. I find it sad that even with the strict policy of public uniforms that students are still getting pointed and laughed at.

According to the National Survey of School Leaders, it reveals for the year 2013 that school uniforms are on the rise, up to (49 percent). If wearing school uniforms helps with dress clique or teasing then why is it still happening? Carson City School District should reconsider. Let our children be unique individuals.

Natalie Ralls

Carson City

Romney was correct about Russia’s threat

Mitt Romney was widely mocked last year for his assertion that Russia is “our number one geopolitical foe.” The New York Times editorialized at the time that Romney’s comment demonstrated “a shocking lack of knowledge about international affairs or craven politics.” In one debate, President Obama ridiculed Romney for allegedly still living in the “Cold War”era 1980’s and being naive on foreign policy.

Yet the clear-eyed Romney has been proven right. Russia has militarily armed and diplomatically protected President Assad in Syria, granted asylum while defying United States protests to National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden and supplied anti-aircraft missiles and a new nuclear reactor to Iran.

As recent events demonstrate, those actually “fooled” by Vladimir Putin were those who believed in an advertised “partnership” between the United States and Russia. A currently floundering President Obama is among those who badly misjudged Putin’s intentions and thereby has seriously diminished United States standing in the world.

Jim Hartman


Bears will seek food as long as they smell it

The bear situation that the Nevada Appeal so often writes about is absurd. The idea that the hungry bears will stop looking for food in the residential areas if we lock up all the food is silly. The bears will keep looking for food as long as they can smell it, and we cannot lock up the smell of food on the stove or any place in the houses. The bear will resort to breaking into wherever the food is. The answer is not to starve the animals, but to feed them. Stop trying to stop them from eating and instead, feed them! Collect any kind of food that people do not want (including garbage) and pick a spot that we want the bears to be, such as where they den, and deliver it to them when and where they need it, by air if necessary.

Of course the manufactures of garbage cans will not agree, but do we want to help the bears stay out of the cities or not? Do we want to kill all of them? The path that we are going on right now is only going to cause the bears to leave their habitat. We cannot continue to take away their living and expect good results. Let’s feed the bears and stop wasting money on locks! Let’s not wait until someone gets mauled by a hungry bear.

Bud Irving

Carson City

Any tiny Middle East event alters gas prices

There was an interesting article in the Sept. 24 edition about the current overall lowering of gas prices. The owner of a Carson City gas station explained that the wholesale price drop happened very quickly and that the resulting lower price would be passed on to the customer once he has exhausted his current relatively pricey inventory.

It’s understandable, but I wonder why it doesn’t work that way in the opposite situation. Somebody in the Middle East sneezes or any of a dozen other excuses can cause immediate price increases at the pump no matter that the station’s “current” inventory had been acquired at lower wholesale prices. Funny how that works.

Rick Jenkins

Carson City

Leaders should listen to our state’s residents

It’s really disappointing that we can’t make 150 year license plates. Of all the technology we have, I’m sure someone can make a casting. No wonder there’s no business here in the state — it’s always going to other states.

The problem is the people who occupy the Capitol. They need to listen to the people who live here more. Wake up time is passing us by; we need changes. The governor needs to stop taking pictures in front of a camera and participating in parades and do his job.

Phil Marcella

Carson City