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Letters to the editor for Thursday, April 10, 2014

‘Progressives’ aim to make pot use a normal behavior

Mr. Farmer’s column was on target, but the target is bigger. The Nevada System of Higher Education approved a plan to ban smoking on every campus, but never mentioned banning pot. I was at University of Nevada, Reno, recently and pot smoking was clearly not banned, at least yet. Why not?

Perhaps the bigger concern is or should be impairment of a worker or a driver as “progressives” seek to pot use part of accepted normal behavior. Pot use which in any way impedes reaction time and/or attention while a person is operating vehicles, machinery or many types of equipment can lead to deadly consequences.

I see litigation ahead as pot smokers increase the number and damage of vehicle accidents and only the lawyers will get rich. After a couple decades of workplace accidents dropping, this has the potential to increase the number and severity. The lawyers and insurers will fight at the employers expense and the safety risk to other employees over whether medical pot and even recreational pot should be allowed in the workplace and by drivers.

While I agree with Mr. Farmer, perhaps even bigger risks exist than those he covered.

Ray Bacon

Carson City

Secretary of state unfairly targeted in attacking ad

This is in response to a recent political ad regarding Secretary of State Ross Miller. It stated that he was misappropriating funds from the taxpayers to feed his own selfish needs. The ad is completely accusatory and lacks merit.

Yes, it is true that no person is a saint; however, I’ve known Ross since being in Carson High School with him back in 1993 and 1994. I’ve always known him to be a personable, strong minded, astute individual. There may have been a couple of instances where we had our disagreements, but at least he was honest and forthright about that. Still, Ross would always take the time to talk with me during our trigonometry class; he also wouldn’t lord his status above my head (i.e. being the governor’s son). Lastly, Ross would never hesitate to have any person’s back if necessary.

I’m really glad to know that for the last several years, he has done so well for himself as our secretary of state. It is truly sad that in today’s generation, some people would rather assume the worst in each other by engaging in hate, prejudice, and social injustice. I wish Secretary Miller good luck in his endeavors as our next possible incumbent for Nevada Attorney General.

Joshua Dealy

Carson City