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Letters to the editor for Thursday, April 27, 2017

Regarding those in the state Legislature who tried to introduce a bill to allow suicide via self or doctoral help as in Oregon: Have they ever heard of the Fifth Commandment of God — Thou shalt not kill? In suicide, one is, literally, casting oneself into hell for committing a mortal sin prior to death!

While living in California, I had an acquaintance who tried to commit suicide but failed. When he informed me of this, I wrote a poem and sent it to him. He responded by requesting permission to pass it along to his other friends, to which I agreed.

In February 2008, it was published in a book The Inquisition (The Voice of Nevada Poets) by Ferris Jones.

The poem is titled to my friend and I would like to share it with those in the Legislature, who, evidently, don’t have a clue of what they are subjecting themselves to, and the rest of us, if it were to become law.

For Don

He never gives one any more

Than that which one can bear.

And with each trial, He sends His grace

To hold us through the fare.

He wants to fashion us a joy

Of everlasting touch.

He uses trials to steele us

Cost of this joy not much

If you compare it to the Cross

Upon which Jesus died.

Think! A God became a man

And all our tears He cried!

So when we have no more desire

To fight the wars of life

And feel the battle is not worth

All this strain and strife,

Remember, all our tribulations

That numb us with their rod

Fall like severed petals

Before the smile of God!

Mary Santomauro