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Letters to the editor for Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kurt Meyer: Mentor, leader, friend

As a long-time employee of the Carson pool, I have spent a lot of time with Kurt. He was one of the best first-time-job bosses anyone could ask for. When he retired we had a party to honor his departure. The invitation to this party read: “Kurt Meyer, Mentor, Leader, Friend.” This is a very accurate description of what I feel he could bring to this beautiful little town we all call home.

Those who know Kurt know he is always quick to make you feel comfortable and accommodated wherever you are. I recently watched as a regular patron of the pool asked him questions about what he planned on doing if he were to be elected mayor.

Kurt took the time, stopped and listened to this guy for as long as he wanted to talk. I think it is time for Carson City to have a mentor, a leader and a friend, and Kurt Meyer is just the man for the job.

Caleb Schadeck

Carson City