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Letters to the editor for Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017

Supervisors commended for delaying marijuana sales

During the course of attending three long, contentious meetings of the Carson Board of Supervisors on marijuana issues, Supervisor Lori Bagwell stood out in consistently asking the right questions, being measured and thoughtful, as well as collegial, even when being a minority of one.

I’m certain Bagwell was guided by her own moral compass in considering the issues, but she also faithfully followed the law in Nevada and steadfastly reflected the majority view of the Carson community where marijuana industry-written Question 2 was defeated (52 percent to 48 percent).

Despite its failure to pass locally, the board was free to choose to license, or not to license, commercial marijuana establishments in Carson. It should be noted that nothing in the new state law “requires” any recreational commercial licenses be granted. In neighboring Douglas County, a unanimous county commission chose to “zone out” all commercial marijuana establishments.

At the state level, a heedless rush to precipitously “Early Start” recreational marijuana sales on July 1 resulted in a nationally embarrassing “pot emergency” being declared five days later, with marijuana distribution rights still unresolved. At the local level, school superintendent Stokes and a dozen social service providers requested that more time be given to prepare for an expected influx of marijuana in the community. Those requests appeared to sway the board to a unanimous decision to at least delay recreational sales to Jan. 1, 2018, the original start date provided for in the initiative. For that modest cautionary step, the entire board is commended.

Jim Hartman


Local seniors need rec bus service

Our Carson City seniors have been let down by the Carson City Senior Center. There is no longer bus service for seniors to be picked up to have lunch and taken home.

These seniors can’t drive anymore or afford a car. They enjoyed having lunch with their friends and getting out of the house.

But evidently there were not enough riders and now Al, the driver, is out of a job.

The food is donated and most of the staff are volunteers. I am very disappointed. My family members looked forward to this service.

Heidi C. Tucker

Carson City