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Letters to the editor for Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017

Carson City supes: Follow Douglas’ lead on marijuana

Golly, gee. On sale for only three days. How many teenagers? Forty … no surprise. Just think, when Sept. 17 rolls around, way more parties.

How many more children will be exposed to this entry drug? How many more police medical personnel, hospital beds and funerals will we have?

The revenue derived from this folly will not cover the cost. If any of our leaders use this stuff and vote for it, it will be a conflict of interest. Please, do not be stupid.

Vote no, the people of Carson City voted no. Wait a year, put it on the ballot, see if the community has a different attitude toward this drug.

Thank you, Douglas County, for using your brains and protecting the future of your children. I pray our supervisors do the same as Douglas County.

Prayerfully and respectfully submitted,

Fred Brown

Carson City