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Letters to the editor for Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017

Medicare equals no care in Carson City

Recently I had the wonderful experience of trying to find a new family doctor in Carson City because my doctor of many years retired.

I got the same answer from every family practice or clinic I contacted — sorry, we don’t accept any new Medicare patients; get lost!

I haven’t seen such blatant discrimination since Mississippi in the 1950s when African-Americans were told to ride in the back of the bus and don’t even think about voting. Today, it’s age discrimination, not race.

I will bet Gov. Sandoval and the people at EDAWN don’t tell families moving to Nevada to work at Tesla and all the other high-tech companies they are so proud of, that if they want to live in Carson City and have a family member on Medicare, that person will not be getting any medical care in Carson City.

Denying people medical care simply because they are 65 and told by the federal government they have to be on Medicare is not helping anyone.

Maybe renting billboards on the main roads into Carson City would help spread the word — “Medicare equals no care in Carson City.”

John Thistle

Virginia City