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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, July 12, 2018

New congestion in the making

Luxury Condos in production. A new gated community consisting of 370 condos behind the Casino Fandango and Galaxy Theater. Also in production a large impressive convention center. Yes, Carson City has been in need of such a convention center. It seems that a beautiful building left half finished all these years complete with a full scale parking garage… aka Ormsby House… could have been a perfect solution due to it its location etc. But that is another issue.

With all the major construction going on one thought comes to mind… traffic. Access to and from all the units will enter/depart along with traffic from the movie theater and the casino via Curry Street, a two-lane road that has no possible way of widening to compensate for the traffic that will occur. A traffic issue in the making. We just had a fire in that area. We are blessed to have the fire department there to aggressively contain and put out the fire quickly. Would not these condos be in jeopardy with trying to have people leaving in a hurry and the fire department trying to get in onto Curry Street?

Carson City finally completed our beautiful freeway which alleviated congestion on Carson Street. So now, new congestion in the making. Such is the way of progress?

Diana Michaels

Carson City