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Letters to the editor for Thursday, July 3, 2014

Proposed board a bad idea for Lyon residents

Today, the Lyon County Board of Commissioners will consider whether to establish a new land-use advisory committee for the county. The committee is a bad idea. As a Lyon County resident, I hope the commissioners vote it down.

The proposed board would be detrimental to the county for several reasons. It would create an unnecessary layer to the planning process that favors large business interests. At the same time, such a committee would reduce the influence of the average Lyon County citizen on planning policies.

This undemocratic concept has all the fingerprints of Comstock Mining Inc., which already has tried to orchestrate planning decisions in Storey County. Now Comstock Mining apparently wants to dominate the planning process in Lyon County as well.

Groups in the county have a perfectly good way to be heard — through the current planning process, which gives all citizens an equal hearing. Lyon County has good planners and a good Planning Commission, and we should let them do their jobs unhindered by a new, unnecessary layer of bureaucracy.

David Moore


President has no one else to blame but himself

In Response to William Adam’s letter, Mr. Obama has accomplished nothing in his presidency due to his own arrogance and incompetence. All western nations pulled their embassies out of Libya. We stayed, reduced security and lost four Americans. The president can’t tell us where he was that night.

Mr. Obama has usurped the powers given to Congress by the Constitution. He has changed the Affordable Care Act dozens of times. He allowed weapons to be sold to drug cartels in Mexico. He allowed 1.4 million undocumented residents to remain in the United States. Mr. Obama breaks the law.

Mr. Obama spends billions on climate change that doesn’t exist! There is no proof. In one survey, only 36 percent of scientists believe it exists. But the lies continue; we can keep our medical plan, keep our doctor and save money on health insurance. Lies! Regarding the departmental abuses carried out by his agencies, IRS, VA, EPA, Justice; he didn’t know anything and just learned of these troubles on the news he tells us. That is either a lie or he is just incompetent.

Mr. Obama has just about doubled our debt; spending more money than any previous president. We are now spending more than 30 percent more than we take in every year. In 2013 the Democrats screamed that the sky was falling when there was a 2.5 percent cut in budget growth. What happens when we can no longer borrow any more money? How does a 30 percent decrease in spending sound?

The buck stops where?

Bill Fullilove

Carson City