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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, June 21, 2018

Who really are the ‘Barbarians?’

At the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., Nancy Pelosi said, “To the barbaric and unacceptable policy of ripping children from the arms of their parents at the border… barbaric. That’s not American. It’s not faith-based.”

The real “barbarians” are the parents who commit a crime by trying to illegally enter this country and expect to avoid prosecution because they have children.

The real “barbarians” are those individual seeking entry by using other individual’s children.

The real “barbarians” are the parents who send their unaccompanied children to illegally enter this country.

This country is a country of law and order and there are penalties for committing crimes.

We have rules and regulations covering those who want to come to this country for various purposes.

Personally I feel the individuals who would place their children in jeopardy would not be good citizens of this country.

I also feel Congress is the major contributor to this illegal immigration problem. By their approval of the spending of billions of our dollars on the illegal immigrants they have created this increasing illegal immigration problem. Give them and they will come.

I feel our tax dollars would be better spent on our citizens.

This country was made great by immigrants who came here legally and sought to become U.S. citizens. They came seeking opportunities and were not expecting any entitlements. They came expecting to obey the existing rules and regulations of their adopted country.

Sanford Deyo