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Letters to the editor for Thursday, March 3, 2016

Silent Friend

The desert beholds a truth

Much like a mirror reflecting inside us,

As the winds of change swing open the revolving door to our soul.

Each morn your acres

Unfold miles upon miles,

As you listen to many a passing, pondering thought.

And what secrets you have kept for years and years.

This silent friend, this desert portrait of

Mystical pewter-pink sunsets and lavender hues,

As climate rules through extreme heats and brittle colds.

This land of Nada;

This great empty space.

You are a grand presence and

A great absence, all in one.

You represent a mystery of promise,

Of so much more,

Yet many cannot describe what “more is.”

Silence you hold, stillness you grip,

And sacred you are.

Your wide open ceiling, is a theater to the stars

And your skies as blue as the shades of water at Sand Harbor,

May you forever rival our curiosity,

Oh silent friend.

May you forever leave us in peace.

Ann Burke

Carson City