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Letters to the editor for Thursday, May 15, 2014

Former resident misses capital city

I just wanted to drop a note to say how much I miss the niceties of Carson City and what I miss, especially now, living in Tennessee.

There is nowhere else to lived where you get all four season without any one of them being extreme. The bright flowering trees in the spring. The hot summer days with evenings cooling off to open windows for fresh air. No ticks! The fall colors of the aspens are glorious. That when it snows, in a short time the sun comes out and in no time driving on streets, ice free.

The multitude of local shops and restaurants highlighting Carson’s local community and the diversity. Supporting each other in so many ways; most importantly the kids in the community. It all takes teamwork and what is more fun than being a part of a team, making a difference for your own family and the community as a whole?

The possibilities to be involved in Carson City are endless through the school district, parks and recreation, the college and various religious organizations and service clubs.

Carson City is fortunate to have the recreation services and facilities available to everyone in the city for free or nominal cost. Sometimes we want more for little to no cost, but knowing what I had in Carson City that I don’t have now; it is great to be a part of the wonderful community of Carson City. The right size with lots of wonderful assets!

Christine Butson

Arlington, Tenn.

Local politics taking negative turn

I took the opportunity on Saturday, May 3 to visit the Douglas County Republican Central Committee Headquarters. My reason for visiting was to see what candidates’ campaign materials might be available. It came as a surprise to me when the worker at the headquarters began to express her personal opinions, which were not particularly positive about one or more of the Republican candidates running for office in the June 10 primary.

I do not consider myself politically active in county politics, but I didn’t feel it was appropriate for someone to be promoting one Republican candidate to the exclusion of other Republican candidates. Politics sure has changed in Douglas County.

Sheri Cox