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Letters to the editor for Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baccalaureate at WNC was a fantastic idea

I attended the Multi-Faith Baccalaureate for Western Nevada College’s Class of 2013. What a wonderful service it was! It warmed my heart and encouraged my soul to see such a variety of faiths represented by the many speakers.

Western Nevada College should be so proud that their school has joined the University of Nevada, Reno and many other well-respected universities in taking a step toward world peace and harmony by offering this special unifying event.

I understand that Western Nevada College’s tag line is “Start Here, Go Anywhere.” With the blessings they received at the Baccalaureate, the Class of 2013 should feel ready for anything … anywhere!

Cheri Chilton Smith

Carson City

Benghazi smacks of political opportunism

When the consulate at Benghazi came under attack, the rescuers were told to stand down. Two questions arise: Who issued the order and why? Obviously the order had to come from high up. And also obviously the person who issued the order wanted the attack to be successful.

Now picture this. The Ambassador would be kidnapped and held for ransom. Then Obama would courageously come to the rescue and become the hero of the day. The whole thing came crashing down when the Seals disobeyed their orders and came to the rescue not knowing that this was a stage managed operation to make a hero of Obama. It is similar to the phony raid to kill Osama bin Laden. The Pakistanis conducted the raid and killed someone. It wasn’t Osama bin Laden who had died in Pakistan of kidney failure in December 2001. The Seals then moved in and grabbed the body, dumped it in the sea and claimed they had killed Osama.

Shakespeare said it right, “All the world’s a stage.”

Alan Edwards

Carson City

Legislature’s priorities aren’t same as public’s

What are they thinking? Our legislature has lost any increment of common sense. Driving “privilege” cards for illegals (aka unlawful people)? Oh, and they can’t be used for identification. Sure! On my Social Security card it states, “Not to be used for identification.” The Privacy Act of 1974 states it’s against the law to use Social Security cards for identification. How’s that working for you?

Gun control, forcing everybody to register their guns and their person will create a public record of gun ownership for which miscreants can find out who owns a firearm. Invasion of privacy is also an issue. This is not going to protect us from criminals or the mentally ill. They aren’t going to register anything. Only private, law-abiding citizens will do that … to their detriment.

Then our esteemed legislators are going to add another 20 years for “hate” crime if it occurs to a transgender. Please tell me what is a “love” crime? If an altercation is perpetrated by a transgender, does that mean if a heterosexual defends themselves the gay or transgender person is automatically the victim? Who decides?

Again I ask, what are they thinking? Does sound practical judgement disappear when a person becomes a politician? I have questions. Who has answers?

Nannette Moffett

Carson City