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Letters to the editor for Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014

Carson Tahoe explains stance on sexual assault exams

Lately there has been some discussion about the process of treating sexual assault victims in Carson City.

Misinformed statements insinuate that Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center does not treat these patients due to financial concerns. This is far from the truth; Carson Tahoe has, and always will, earnestly care for sexual assault victims in our Emergency Room. We treat their medical needs and immediately call in a Personal Advocate. If a victim requires an exam, they are referred to Northern Nevada Care SART Program, who provides the most qualified professional nurse examiners in the area. Unfortunately they are based in Washoe County. These examiners see hundreds of cases each year, compared to the handful of local victims who come through our doors. This protocol is the standard for healthcare providers across Northern Nevada and eastern California.

The sexual assault examination is complex. In order to prosecute effectively, the exams must flawlessly follow a strict protocol. Further, the person performing the exam must testify in court about the injuries sustained. To do this requires expertise. Our community does not have the volume of victims (thankfully) to keep our certified sexual assault nurse examiners proficient at navigating the rigorous process. We feel it is in the best interest of the victim to have the most experienced and competent nurses on the witness stand. We would not want to be part of seeing a perpetrator set free due to our lack of competence, based solely on the fact that we do not perform enough exams to sustain that expertise. Please understand when it comes to sexual assault examinations, it is frequency of exams, rather than finances that are dictating the transfer process.

Carson Tahoe has a firm commitment to providing for the health needs of our community. This includes providing $28.5 million in uncompensated care, and providing $2.4 million in community benefits contributions, in 2013 alone. As a non tax-supported organization, we are pleased to be able to provide this support to the community we serve.

Ed Epperson

President and CEO, Carson Tahoe Health

Editor’s note: Due to the importance of the issue, this above letter appears in its entirety.

Former Lyon sheriff candidate supports Torres

As a former Lyon County sheriff candidate, I’d like to thank everyone who supported me. I met with both Albert Torres and Al McNeil as they wanted my support. I decided to inform the citizens of Lyon County why I support Albert Torres.

McNeil said he wouldn’t make many changes for 18-24 months. He spoke about eliminating the undersheriff position to add deputies but creating five new “commander” positions. I inquired about the funding for new positions, and he said he hoped some of the existing lieutenants would apply or voluntarily step down. If not, he would demote them to bring new personnel on board, adding some current employees are not qualified. My concern is the budget and the possibility of a lawsuit.

I questioned his explanation of the “Intelligence Led Policing” program and he wasn’t able to provide a clear answer. Check the web to determine if you want this type of “federal” program in Lyon County.

McNeil did serve as a Marine, noncommissioned officer in a mid-level military leadership role; he advised the commanders above him who actually made the decisions. McNeil has served as deputy for 12 years but hasn’t been a supervisor.

The sheriff’s office must not be that broken since he’d wait up to halfway through his term to fix things. Torres has a plan to move the organization forward that won’t cause the possibility of lawsuits. Torres has the training, experience, budget and management skills required to run the organization. I would encourage everyone that supported me to support Torres as he is clearly the only qualified candidate.

Steve Adams

Smith Valley

Abowd can move us to ‘cool new days’

Election time. When conservatives start telling us just how much more conservative they are than all the other conservatives. Conservative thought in this country has been and will be exclusionary and oftentimes discriminatory.

Ever notice how conservatives have a tough time with the words “progress” and “progressive”? They seldom tout the “progress” of modern medicine, nutrition, technology, communication, food safety, etc. It’s always the same old mantra of no taxes, and a strong call to return to “family values” and the “good old days.”

Yes, the good old days when the cost of a loaf of bread was a dime, and millions of unemployed American workers on street corners muttered, with some shame, “Hey, brother, can you spare a dime?”

The good old days when government officials used police, attack dogs and fire hoses to prevent young black Americans from attending universities. The good old days when you needed to make a call and you had to find a phone booth with a working phone and a phone book. I’m 63 years old, and I prefer progress to looking backward. If you stand in the way of progress, you’re bound to get run over or left behind. So, all of you obstructionists out there, knock yourself out.

Karen Abowd, I am with you. You think progressively, and you act with vision toward the future. This community is extremely fortunate to benefit from your energy, focus, and humanitarian efforts.

Karen, help us move forward to some “cool new days!”

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City

Former DA supports Woodbury

I support Jason Woodbury for D.A. and disagree with Mr. Rombardo’s praise of his deputy, Mr. Krueger. Recently, the Nevada Supreme Court unanimously upheld the district judge’s dismissal of 12 felony counts of child sexual assault and lewdness, ruling that the prosecution (Mark Krueger was lead prosecutor) failed to make diligent efforts to determine the dates of the charges, a constitutional and statutory violation. The case is State v.Volosin, Case No. 64082 (Order, 9/29/2014).

The initial investigation was done by South Lake Tahoe detectives, where other charges were filed. The Court said: “The report arising from the California investigation was forwarded to the Carson City Sheriff’s Department, but the Carson City District Attorney appears to have filed the information without performing any independent investigation.” (Order, p. 6). The Court added:

“Indeed, the State appears to have failed to even interview the victims who were, at that point, 18 and 15 years old, and presumably more capable of conveying useful information than younger victims would be.” (Order, p. 8).

Volosin’s public defender objected to the prosecution’s lack of effort in investigating. Judge Wilson also agreed the charging document was defective because it charged multiple crimes in each count (Order, p.2). However, the judge gave the prosecutor the opportunity to amend the charging document to fix the errors. Mr. Krueger refused to fix anything. So, all charges were dismissed, with prejudice. The State appealed, but a three-judge panel of the Supreme Court agreed with Judge Wilson.

Noel Waters

Carson D.A. (1985-2006)

Supporting Cegavske for Secretary of State

The coming election of the Secretary of State whose important duties include overseeing new voter registrations, conduction of statewide elections amongst them. My issue is with the efficiency of candidate Kate Marshall (currently State Treasurer) is my recent experience in her area of control.

I submitted three small (almost identical) claims to three different states simultaneously — the states of Nevada, Michigan and Arizona. Settlement from Arizona was received in one month, state of Michigan completed its claim in two months. So far I have had no written response from Kate Marshall’s office.

If this is to be an example of her performance as our next Secretary of State, we need to elect someone more qualified for the office such as Barbara Cegavske.

Mark Tarvainen


Primary process opened candidate’s eyes

As Susie and I get ready to vote in the general election, we want to thank all of our family, friends, voters and donors in the Assembly District 40 primary campaign. The ultimate public education derived from visiting more than 1,700 homes, as well as Susie’s visit of 350 homes, was most informative, meaningful and memorable for both of us.

And, yes, I am very proud to have supported Carson’s economy by employing all Carson City vendors, with one exception (jar grippers), for the printing of my cards, shirts, signs, direct mail and website production, as well as campaign banking needs.

Since taking the time to reflect on the total experience, Susie and I realize it has made us even more proud to be Nevadans, and especially so, as active and civic-minded residents of Carson City.

Thank you. With best regards,

John “Jed” Block

Primary candidate for Assembly District 40

Hey candidates, show me the money

The Sept. 29 Sierra Room face-off between District 40 Assembly candidates revealed a lot about the difference between the two major parties.

Democrat Dave Cook, a retired economics professor and current state board of education member, argued for increased education spending and an end to pay and benefit cuts for state workers. Republican PK O’Neill, a retired state law enforcement officer, agreed with Cook on both counts and even agreed that the proposed margins tax is a bad idea.

But that’s where the similarities between the two candidates ended. O’Neill talked about how tough the 78th session will be thanks to a huge projected revenue shortfall, but pointedly said no to every revenue-raising idea currently being floated. Cook, by contrast, talked about raising the needed revenue by cutting back on a little known tax break for interstate chain stores.

Nevada has low payroll taxes and no corporate income taxes, franchise taxes or inventory taxes. But in spite of these and other tax advantages, chain store prices are no lower here thanks to a federal anti-monopoly law on the books since the 1930s. The result is untaxed windfall profits, all of which leave the state.

It remains to be seen whether Mr. Cook’s big idea survives the inevitable counterattack from retail lobbyists, but at least he can go to the legislature with a fiscally responsible idea to put on the table. It takes money to pay the bills. The voters should be saying to the candidates, “Show me the money!”

Rich Dunn

Carson City

Carson City loses wonderful doctor

The people of Carson City have just lost a wonderful doctor, Dr. Lee Van Epps. Not only a very competent doctor, but a very kind and caring man who loves being a doctor.

Why, Carson Tahoe? My understanding is there are more doctors upset with you. How many more doctors do we have to lose?

Larry and Joyce Johnson

Carson City

Appliance store gives outstanding customer service

My husband and I needed a new refrigerator and decided to buy it from Marty’s Appliance in Minden, and boy are we glad we did.

Just a little over a year after the purchase, it developed a big problem. I called Marty’s half expecting to hear, “It’s been over a year,” but instead I heard, “We will bring you a loaner and pick yours up and repair the problem.” No hesitation at all.

Had this been one of the box stores, we for sure would have been told to contact the manufacturer and doubt that they would have sent a replacement and fixed this one.

I am so grateful to Marty and his wonderful staff; I will never buy an appliance elsewhere.

Thelma Rogers